Shinya Kimura

  • Shinya Kimura and Spike

    Shinya Kimura and Spike

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    It’s one thing to build an avant-garde custom bike. It’s entirely another to take said bike to the heat of El Mirage, and run it in the world’s fastest automotive speed trials. But that’s what Chabott Engineering founder Shinya Kimura (left, above) just did. He… Read more »

  • Shinya Kimura

    Shinya Kimura

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    This bike is called ‘Hoon’ and it was created by Shinya Kimura, one of the champions of ‘Zero Style’ – minimal interpretations of vintage motorcycles, with low-key paintjobs and Harley-Davidson springer front ends. Kimura set up Zero Engineering in Japan in 1992, but now runs… Read more »