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Tracker-style Ducati M900 Monster by Speedtractor of Tokyo

Monster Tracker: Speedtractor’s Ducati M900


Just over a year ago, Speedtractor boss Matthew Roberts was tapped on the shoulder to become the head wrench for the Japanese outpost of a certain global custom brand. We were big fans of Speedtractor’s off-kilter builds, and sadly assumed we’d see no more. But amazingly, the man finds the energy to wear two hats.…

Here's the latest from up-and-coming Japanese workshop Speedtractor: a 1988 Ducati 750 Sport transformed into a street scrambler.

A different kind of Ducati Scrambler

In the motorcycling world, all eyes are on Ducati at the moment, with the new Scrambler going on sale in January 2015. So we perked up when we heard about another Ducati Scrambler—from Speedtractor, one of our favorite Japanese builders. It’s based on a 1988 Ducati 750 Sport. Which means if the Bologna factory had…

Scrambler motorcycle

How To Build A Scrambler

You’ve searched the web, watched the moody videos, and discovered that your street tires don’t like wet grass. You’ve decided you need a scrambler—but how do you tweak your bike for good dirty fun, with a bit of extra style? Here we’ll focus on the best-value mods, balancing cost with performance. Your goal is a…

Suzuki ST400 Tempter

Suzuki ST400 by Speedtractor

Tokyo has one of the world’s most vibrant custom motorcycle scenes. It’s dominated by names like An-Bu, Ritmo Sereno, Sanctuary and Sundance. But here’s a new entrant worth keeping an eye on—Speedtractor. This Suzuki ST400 Tempter is one of Speedtractor’s first builds, and it’s a beauty, in a chunky kind of way. The client wanted…