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Sneak Preview: The bizarre drag bikes of the Sultans Of Sprint series.

Life’s A Drag: The Sultans Of Sprint at Wheels & Waves


The top European builders may be deadly serious about their craft, but they also have a sense of humor. Right now, 18 teams are getting ready for the first round of the Sultans Of Sprint race series, pitched as “turbocharged flying carpets built and raced by creative gearheads.” It’s the brainchild of ‘Sonic’ Séb Lorentz…

I’ll Be Blown: This BMW R100 is packing a Porsche turbo

I’ll Be Blown: This BMW R100 is packing a Porsche turbo

There’s always been a small but vocal clique of motorcyclists who want nothing but absolute power and speed. So why haven’t we seen more turbocharged customs? All four Japanese makers dabbled with turbo motorcycles in the early 1980s, but custom builders have remained shy. In the US, notable exceptions are the Del Prado brothers—and Icon…

Not your usual BMW police motorcycle: this supercharged R80 is packing a NOS bottle and spits flames at the drag strip.

Not your usual BMW police bike: VTR’s blown R80

Police forces around the world love BMW motorcycles. But we’ve never seen one quite like this. It’s a law enforcement R80 RT from the late 80s, which originally ran with flashing lights, a fairing and police-spec panniers. Only the scars and the original blue emergency light remain. But this Swiss-built custom attracts way more attention…

Looks good, goes fast: Séb Lorentz's Sprintbeemer adds style to motorcycle drag racing.

Drag King: Taking the Sprintbeemer ‘Furtherer’

Sprintbeemer is one of the most famous custom bikes of recent years. And it goes as fast as it looks, winning the hotly contested StarrWars sprint at the 2013 Glemseck festival. Most builders would be content to sit back on their laurels after that—but not Séb Lorentz of The Lucky Cat Garage. With the help…