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A Suzuki DR-Z400SM built for NYC streets by Jane Motorcycles

Gothamist: A Suzuki DR-Z400SM built for NYC streets


Riding a motorcycle in New York means dealing with tight streets, big potholes and uncompromising taxi drivers. To maximize your chances of survival, you need a bike that’s compact, punchy and nimble—like a supermotard. Add stylish to that shopping list, and you’ve just described this new custom from Brooklyn’s Jane Motorcycles. It’s based on a…

Getting Personal: The KTM 950 SM that Max Hazan built for himself

Getting Personal: The KTM Max Hazan Built For Himself

There’s a definite style to a Hazan Motorworks bike: a hint of steampunk, lots of beautifully twisted and burnished metal, and impossibly elegant proportions. It’s an expensive endeavor, and Max operates in the same rarified atmosphere as Ian Barry of Falcon and the Japanese moto-artist Chicara Nagata. Luckily, there are collectors and museums that have…