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Under The Radar: Tim Harney’s minimalist BMW cafe racer


Tim Harney is one of the most low-key builders we know. He doesn’t work under a catchy brand name, and his HQ isn’t a swank moto-café where you can buy his latest apparel. Instead, he shares a 2,800 square foot former art gallery with a friend, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There, the industrial designer-turned-fabricator builds up…

Tim Harney's custom BMW R75/6 is an essay in simplicity—as befits a former industrial designer.

Funktional: Tim Harney’s no-frills BMW R75/6

Many custom motorcycle builders didn’t start out as such. Tim Harney’s one of them: in his past life, he worked as an industrial designer for architecture, furniture and lighting design firms. Tim’s since focussed his keen sense of aesthetics onto customizing bikes. This 1976 BMW R75/6 is his latest work—and we’re smitten with its functional…