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Triumph T140 custom motorcycle

Choppahead Triumph T140

We all know what a Triton is. There’s also the ‘Tribsa,’ and even a ‘Norley’. But I hadn’t heard of a ‘Tronsa’ before. Concerned at a gap in my knowledge, I was relieved to find that Choppahead’s creation is probably the first of its kind. It’s called ‘Tronsa’ because it’s a mix of Triumph, Honda…

Triton motorcycle

Triton T140

It’s not quite a barn find, but not far off. When photographer Damian McFadden was shooting the Buell RR1000 in the UK for Bike EXIF last month, he spotted this Triton lurking in a shed. Built in 1998, it’s a beauty. And like the Buell, it’s owned by Steve Ledsham of JAL Restorations—so we hit…