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  • Vincent motorcycle: the ‘Blue Bike’

    Vincent motorcycle: the ‘Blue Bike’

  • Chris Hunter Classic Motorcycles ,,

    One of the most famous Vincent motorcycles of all time has just gone up for sale. Marty Dickerson’s Rapide—best known as the ‘Blue Bike’—is on show at Altai, a design studio in Los Angeles. The Blue Bike has an illustrious history to match its stunning… Read more »

  • 1968 Egli-Vincent racer

    1968 Egli-Vincent racer

  • Chris Hunter Racing Motorcycles ,,

    In just over a week, Bonhams is set to auction a jaw-dropping selection of cars and motorcycles at the Grand Palais in Paris. One of the highlights is this 1968 Egli-Vincent 998cc racing motorcycle, which has an estimate of US$36,000—47,000. This machine is notable on… Read more »

  • Vincent Black Lightning by Jeff Decker

    Vincent Black Lightning by Jeff Decker

  • Chris Hunter Classic Motorcycles ,,

    For someone who doesn’t like stock Vincents, Jeff Decker builds a mighty fine Black Lightning. He’s a sculptor as well as a bike builder, and his eye for a line is evident with this beautiful salt racer. As these exclusive Horst Roesler shots reveal, Decker… Read more »

  • Black Falcon

    Black Falcon

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    I’ve been waiting to see this bike for a long, long time. It’s the Black Falcon, the third in a planned run of ten concept bikes from Falcon Motorcycles. And like its predecessors, the Bullet and the Kestrel, it blurs the boundaries between motorcycling, industrial… Read more »

  • Interview: Ian Barry

    Interview: Ian Barry

  • Chris Hunter Interviews ,,

    Ian Barry runs Falcon Motorcycles with his partner Amaryllis Knight. He’s the builder of the Bullet and the Kestrel, the first in a series of ten custom British motorcycles. At the moment he’s working on the Black Falcon, based on a Vincent Black Shadow. What… Read more »

  • Big Sid’s Vincati

    Big Sid’s Vincati

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    The Vincati is one of those semi-mythical bikes that you occasionally hear about—and to many classic motorcycle fans, a marriage made in heaven. Quite simply, it’s a Vincent engine in a Ducati frame. “Big Sid’s Vincati” is perhaps the most famous of these hybrids, so… Read more »

  • Egli-Vincent


  • Chris Hunter Classic Motorcycles ,,

    The French have a knack for classy, timeless motorcycles. There was Jean François Vicente, in the days when he owned VD Classic. We recently featured restorer Jean-Claude Barrois, who created the Rudge ‘bitsa’. And then there’s Patrick Godet of Godet Motorcycles of Malaunay in northern… Read more »

  • Vincent Super Nero

    Vincent Super Nero

  • Chris Hunter Racing Motorcycles ,

    There’s an allure around the Vincent brand that few other marques can match. It’s a potent mix of history, effortless style and brutal power that many have tried to recapture, but failed. Most of the landmarks in Vincent history are well documented, but this muscular… Read more »

  • Vincent Rapide motorcycle

    Vincent Rapide motorcycle

  • Chris Hunter Classic Motorcycles ,,

    The latest motorcycle to be wheeled into the studio of French master photographers Guerry & Prat is this 1951 Vincent Rapide. And it suits their signature monochromatic style perfectly. When it appeared in 1946, the Vincent Rapide became the fastest production motorcycle on sale, with… Read more »

  • The “new” Vincent Black Shadow

    The “new” Vincent Black Shadow

  • 2009 Barber Vintage Festival Auction

    2009 Barber Vintage Festival Auction

  • 1954 Vincent Drag Racer

    1954 Vincent Drag Racer

  • Chris Hunter Classic Motorcycles ,,

    This freshly-discovered Vincent Black Shadow is ensconced in the workshop of vintage specialist Glory on Hollywood Blvd, LA. “It was found in the Nevada desert after being hidden since the 1970s,” says Glory owner Justin Kell. “I’ll be ripping it apart as soon as we… Read more »

  • Vincent HRD Black Lightning

    Vincent HRD Black Lightning

  • Chris Hunter Classic Motorcycles ,

    In 1948, Vincent launched a production version of its Black Lightning land speed record holder. It immediately claimed the title of “Fastest production motorcycle in the world”, but only 31 were built. They came with magnesium components to cut weight to 380 lb (170 kg)… Read more »

  • 1953 Vincent Black Shadow

    1953 Vincent Black Shadow

  • Chris Hunter Classic Motorcycles ,,

    An eBay auction for a beautifully restored 1953 Vincent Black Shadow has just closed after 31 bids, topping out at $77,900. The vintage motorcycle was sold by the AMA’s Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, and its restoration by Mike White and Brent Mayfield is fully… Read more »