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A Triumph Legend TT cafe racer with an endurance vibe from XTR Pepo

Rocket Man: Triumph Legend TT by XTR Pepo

It’s hard to resist the sound and spectacle of a classic endurance racer. And no one knows that better than Pepo Rosell. He’s become a cult figure within the bike building business, because he has the knack of giving fast road bikes an appealing vintage race vibe. This gnarly-looking machine is called ‘Rocket.’ But despite…

Meet Gabrielle, a Harley Dyna custom with a street tracker attitude.

Remaking The Harley Dyna, Street Tracker Style

When the Spanish workshop Radical Ducati closed in 2014, we feared it would be the last of Pepo Rosell’s incredible work. His 13-year partnership with Reyes Ramon produced some of the best ever custom Ducatis. Thankfully, after a 12-month hiatus, the Frenchman has resurfaced to launch a new workshop—Extreme Pepo. He’s still based in Madrid,…