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This Yamaha XS650 customized by Cognito Moto is the perfect modern classic

Cognito Moto’s XS650 is the Perfect Modern Classic


We’ve spotted a rising trend over the last couple of years that we can get behind: classic bikes with modern tech upgrades. And if we were working on a project in that vein, Cognito Moto would be getting a call. Started by brothers Devin and Nicholas Henriques, the Richmond, Virginia company is known for building…

Kevin McAllister's XS650: The Yamaha scrambler we wish the factory had made.

The XS650 Scrambler We Wish Yamaha Had Made

Scramblers are everywhere these days. But how many aficionados actually need a do-it-all bike—and how many just dig the scrambler vibe? This Yamaha XS650 is a ‘city scrambler’ in the most literal sense. Its owner lives in Kansas City, and wanted a new ride for messing around in the West Bottoms—an industrial area teeming with…