The 2010 Bike EXIF Top 10, Part I

Triumph T100 Scrambler custom motorcycle
We’re halfway through 2010 now, and it’s time to see which motorcycles were most popular (or controversial) over the past six months. So here are the ten bikes that got the most hits and the most comments—and invariably ended up being featured on other motorcycling websites the world over. If you’re new here, you’ll get to see what we like—and if you’re a regular, it’s time for a second look. Enjoy Bike EXIF’s greatest hits!

1. Hammarhead Jack Pine (Above) Readers loved this back-to-basics Triumph T100 Scrambler.
2. Ducati 750 Sport Mike Cecchini’s gorgeous resto-mod Desmo Special. Just … wow.
3. BMW R100/7 Scrambler Even the stateliest grand tourer can be turned into a scrambler.
4. Deus Triumph Bonneville Possibly the sexiest custom Triumph Bonneville in the world.
5. Falcon Kestrel An exclusive: the first studio shots of the world’s most beautiful custom.
6. Wrenchmonkees Honda CB750 This clean, simple ‘budget’ build sent hits off the scale.
7. Garage Company Customs CB750 Or what about this low and mean-looking CB ‘rat bike’?
8. Robb Handcrafted Cycles A 1969 Harley XLCH show bike, dripping with carbon fiber.
9. Icon Sheene The world’s most powerful production road bike—and the ugliest?
10. Triumph Speed Triple Custom Julian Schneider’s stunning Burt Munro tribute bike.

  • urs

    yup. nice (here and there: interesting, hence: “controversial”?) selection.
    2 of my personal favourites included plus three more that would probably have ranked 11 to 13 :)

  • I am personally happy to see Hammarhead Jack Pine Triumph scrambler as the #1. I posted about it on my blog, and it brought in tons of hits as well. Now if only I could scrounge up some dollars to put one in my garage!

  • tweeder

    Wrenchmonkees and Hammarhead FTW.

  • David Enfield

    Numero uno = the Falcon Kestrel , no question .

  • hari…

    I almost had an orgasm… Ducati 750 Sport.. OOh… Pure p0rn..

  • Th

    Not impressed with all the choices. Some of them EX ducati , look like a hodge podge of parts.

    A real custom should blend aesthetically, lines should flow, functionality should either be improved or adequate enough to be ridden daily

  • Gosh daaang I am getting so sick of the word custom, I put on low bars, its custom, i changed to knobbies for a horrible ride, its custom……Custom should be saved for the lingering terds that the multi million dollar chopper industry hammered into about, “my bike has been modified from its original state”
    Id put my “custom” Norton against any of those bikes shown, on a real life road or ride anyday….sorry to rant…:)

  • iRivas

    The Deus Triumph Bonneville takes the cake. Gorgeous!!

  • Turgut

    Chris, I think updating this TOP 10 list like every four months is becoming a necessity, as new bikes are coming in every day.
    And, in order to not loose the record of past times, a list of TOP 10s organized according to quarters, Q1-2010, Q2-2010 etc. That would sum up periods of Bike EXIF, could be interesting to scroll through for newcomers and those who’d like to look back, as this site is growing bigger and bigger..

    I love Bike EXIF! Long live!