The Iron Man Motorcycle

Zero Engineering's "Iron Man" motorcycleThe motorcycle in Tony Stark’s Iron Man garage isn’t a movie prop one-off. It’s a standard Type 6 ‘Samurai Chopper’ from custom builder Zero Engineering. The paint job is unique, but otherwise, it’s the same motorbike you can buy for $28,000. Zero makes just 24 Type 6 motorcycles a year, and the build quality is extraordinary. Sounds like a bargain: you get a stunning, minimalist custom for the same price as a fully-optioned Harley. Zero’s website is pretty slick too.

  • Phoebe

    I’m not really into choppers so much, but I love Zero’s work. This one is no exception. All of his bikes are stunning.

    • Same. This is one of the few choppers I’d buy.

  • apple

    this motorcycle is sexy like me