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The Top 11 Motorcycles of 2009

BMW motorcycle
To kick off the arrival of a new decade, I thought I’d check to see which motorcycles have proved most popular with our readers over the past year. And it’s thrown up a few surprises. Even if you saw these bikes the first time round, they’re worth a second look. (And why 11 rather than 10? Only because the gap between the last two bikes was almost too close to call.)

1. 1934 BMW R7 This concept motorcycle (above) racked up twice as many hits as any other bike.
2. Wrenchmonkees Honda CB750 Honda’s 70s star gets the Scandinavian treatment.
3. Honda Gold Wing Bulldog Bobber Brutal and beautiful: a real crowd-pleaser.
4. Wrenchmonkees 1976 BMW R80 Another winner from the Copenhagen workshop.
5. Killinger und Freund Like the 1934 BMW R7, this is another Art Deco stunner.
6. Benjie’s Cafe Honda CB550F Benjie Flipprboi hit a home run with this vintage Honda.
7. 1949 Moto Major The post-WWII motorcycle that looks like it was built for Batman.
8. Honda XL600R Street Tracker A tracker that proves Less can be More.
9. 1983 BMW R80 Bobber A radically-reworked airhead from Rodney Aguiar.
10. Big Moon Yamaha SR400 A baby-blue beauty from the up-and-coming Japanese shop.
11. Yamaha RD350 Custom Black-and-gold detailing and rare mechanicals from Twinline.

  • kim scholer

    5 German and 6 Japanse bikes. You should have thrown just one Italian bike in as well, just for a full Axis Power victory.

  • kim scholer


  • YJH

    a German victory indeed_OK for me

  • harry

    In fact there is an Italian bike on #7: the Moto Mayor.
    And if you look at only the ¨final touches¨ it is a draw. Denmark – USA 3 : 3

  • kim scholer

    Shows the perils of me typing before thinking. The guys at Wrenchmonkees said they were pleased.

  • Spoon

    Great survey of the current direction of customs. Great site.
    How many clicks does it take to be the most viewed?

  • Len

    would be cool to vote on this next year!