ThunderDuc: A Ducati SportClassic racer

Ducati SportClassic
Way back in April, we showcased possibly the coolest Ducati SportClassic on earth: Chris Gorel’s ThunderDuc, a heavily modified and extremely rapid 2006 model SportClassic. Since then, ThunderDuc has been upgraded even further into the ultimate track weapon—but Gorel is now putting the bike up for sale.

The price is a very tempting $18,000, and the best news is that ThunderDuc 2.0 is fuel-mapped to run on pump gas. This bike has never been beaten on a track, or crashed, or scratched, or dropped. And as Gorel says, it’s “what a modern day cafe racer should look like as an actual race machine.” (Which is maybe why Rev’It! featured it in their 2008 catalog.)

Image by Joseph Lupino.

  • Dave

    I’ve heard this thing run, it’s beautiful. When you blip the throttle it’ll shake the marrow in your bones.

  • Josh

    It’s perfect.

  • macfly

    I want it!! Damn this recession and the responsible financial behavior it is forcing on us.

  • Luke Uri


  • Adrian

    Looks good and worth that price

  • A. Smith

    Well, my bones could use a good shakin, and yeah: damn this recession!

  • Mr.P

    Listed on ebay.

  • Looks like the auction topped out at $11,100—reserve not met.