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Track T-800 CDI diesel motorcycle

Diesel motorcycle
This was the very first studio shot of the turbo-diesel motorcycle from Dutch company Track. CEO Erik Vegt was surprised when we hassled him for for it: “Isn’t your website a bit too ‘classic’ for the T-800CDI?” he asked. Maybe, but we’re big fans of this $23,000 enduro—it looks like the evil twin of a KTM Adventure. The CVT ’box and intercooled 800cc triple will take you from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.75 seconds, and you’ll get between 50 and 110 miles to the gallon when cruising. With electric bikes hogging the spotlight right now, it’s good to see someone taking an alternative route. Unfortunately, the T-800CDI was only sold in Holland: the company is now defunct.

Diesel motorcycle
Diesel motorcycle
Diesel motorcycle

  • SamG

    Beautiful machine. I agree that it appears to share genes with the KTM Adventure- except for the exhaust. I just can’t come to terms with it. It looks like something off of a concrete mixer or lawnmower!?!

  • I seriously can’t get enough of this bike! If I had BMW money to throw down on a bike, this would be the one! Can’t wait to hear it, ugly exhaust or not ;)

    • I’m with you there, and I personally like that exhaust. Looks like it means business.

  • Martin

    Yes please! Tidy the exhaust so it doesnt look like an engine off a generator or some dutch dyke pump and I’ll have one.

  • dieselbiker

    I think the cat is cute, just like a big power diesel but smaller with the custom look of modern 4-stroke headers… Who cares what it looks like, anyways? I wanna see it smoke!

  • Marvin


  • Vincent

    First time I’ve seen this bike and it looks utterly fantastic. My only gripe is that the exhaust looks vulnerable to getting hooked up, and then bent, on the bush that one would want take it through.

  • foobar

    this is one of the ugliest bikes I’ve ever seen. as for taking it off road or “through bush” as one commenter said – this has about the same ability (lack of) as the 990 adventure, and I even owned 950 super enduro and that beast was pathetic offroad even compared to a KLR650 or DRZ let alone a real 450 thumper offroad.

    diesel is a great idea but the design of this bike totally misses. I don’t understand what it’s trying to be.

  • what happens on the first water crossing? flooding… that exhaust is just prime as a water collection vessel, not to mention a hook for anything and everything sticking up out of the ground.