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Mecatwin Bonneville TX-A1

Triumph Bonneville cafe racer by Mecatwin
Mecatwin is a name you don’t often hear outside France, but the company is one of the top European Triumph specialists. Based an hour or so south of Paris in the town of Montargis—sometimes known as the “Venice of the Gâtinais”—Mecatwin turns stock Bonnevilles into mouthwatering eye candy. Most creations are produced in limited runs of 100, and the TX-A1 is one of the latest. Specifications aren’t given, but it looks like this machine has been lowered, fitted with new rear shocks and given a Mecatwin BestPower EFI, a kit that reportedly adds 13hp to the stock motor’s 67hp. There’s also a new brake system, which is probably a wise move. The finish is absolutely gorgeous too—check Mecatwin’s website for more images.

Triumph Bonneville cafe racer by Mecatwin
Triumph Bonneville cafe racer by Mecatwin

  • YJH

    Very chic_Am I in touch, there, Chris_Ah, les Français

  • Sportster Cafe

    Yet another expensive bike! Show some more down to earth bikes, that the owner actually turned a wrench!

  • Shawn

    Nice, I like it. The mag wheels don’t turn me on. Call me old fashioned but mags on sports bikes and spokes on traditional bikes.

  • mack-o-matik

    I agree with Sportster Cafe’s comment. Most of the bikes shown in the past few weeks are really interesting and well done but are not what you could call inspiring or even affordable to many of us wrenchers out there. I would be interested in some let’s say inspiring moves like the dominator, the honda cl and the many guzzis, bmws and ducs as well as special yamaha stories (I’m missing the example of a nice srx). And thanx for making my one-bike-a-day anyway, chris! greez

  • lol please

    For the cost of this bike, I would build something…..WAY better.

  • Jeez, what is this, chop cult? He can post whatever he wants. As for the bike? Meh.

  • Wait, what’s so hard/expensive about building this bike? It’s a Bonneville SE with custom paint and powdercoating, and some basic power upgrades. That’s expensive? It’s not particularly custom, but it wouldn’t be hard to reproduce cheaply. And spokes are readily available.


  • david

    Franck (the owner of Mecatwin) is a great guy. About ten years ago he did the X90, a modern homage to Craig Vetter’s Hurricane. This red Bonneville is just one his latest creation, and honestly, not my favorite. Check his website, there’s so much more cool stuff.

  • Larry Friedman

    In Triumph circles the name MecaTwin is well known in the US. I have their TBS undertail and its fit is fantastic. I made something very similar to their T.Bird Sport MT before they released it as a complete bike.

  • I’ve visited the MecaTwin factory, and it’s very impressive indeed. Not a garage, not a workshop, but a factory with a very nice showroom. They do really high-quality work, and not only on Triumphs; I saw Harleys and BMWs being modified as well, plus a truly unique three-wheeler created by the proprietor, which sat under wraps in a far workshop. I don’t know if they’ve presented this machine yet, but it looked like serious fun.

  • david

    Hi Paul, I was having diner with Franck in SF before BM !
    The 3 wheelers you’re talking about is called the Gyrojet.
    I use a 3-cyl from the Rocket III (2300cc) and some interesting technology that Franck copyrighted.
    You’ll see this “thing” in the US pretty soon, but I can’t tell more… or Franck will weld me to the back of his truck and bring me on a ride…