M&M’s Flat Track Triumph

Flat Track Triumph
The one leading Japanese custom shop we haven’t covered before is M&M’s. They’re based in Zama, just down the road from Yokohama, and specialize in tracker-style conversions. M&M’s latest creation, this Bonneville custom, has featured in the Japanese bike magazines. It’s a 1967 Triumph T120R, the US-spec export model. It retains the duplex frame and 650 cc parallel-twin motor, but has been stripped down to the basics and given a dose of flat track magic. M&M’s blog is worth keeping an eye on, and there’s some nice stuff in their online parts and accessories shop, including vintage motocross-style gear. [Via Sideblog. For more Triumph flat track custom goodness, check out this Australian-built ’67 Trophy from Greasy Kulture magazine.]

  • Denis

    Luv this bike. This reminds me of the flat tracker’s that I use to watch race as a kid in Middletown NY. I would love to buy a shirt from their website, however it’s in Japanese. Keep up the great work M&M.

    PS I see they also did a Yamaha RS 400. Looks nice but what is the deal with this bike. I have seen alot of fabs using this engine.

  • Dean MIngs

    I have just moved to Yokosuka Navy base near Tokyo. My belongings will be delivered to me this next Tuesday. One of my favorite belongings to be delivered is my 2005 R1200ST. It has been sitting idle for over a year. Is there anyone here who can tell me where I might have some rejuvenating work done on it?