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Triumph Bonneville custom

1967 Triumph Bonnevile T120R custom motorcycle
There’s a new issue of Greasy Kulture magazine just out, and editor Guy Bolton has sent us a teaser. It’s a clean 1967 Bonnie custom that started life as a T120R, the US export model with higher handlebars and a more compact fuel tank. Andy ‘Lucky’ Lindloff from Michigan built this very classy bike, and was only 20 when he finished it. He handmade many of the parts himself, including the seat pan, brackets, and oil tank—a ‘repurposed’ aluminum fire extinguisher. Lindloff bought the project from bike guru Steve Hatcher, who also threw in a hardtail rear section, a ribbed fender and a single-carb Tiger head. Despite the strong custom look, the bike retains the stock fuel tank, but there’s no battery—just a capacitor/regulator/rectifier hooked up to the stock coils. Completing the look are NOS fork covers, ‘Rocky’ headlight brackets and pipes with Superior tips. The talented Lindloff also painted and pinstriped the bike; we should look out for his name in the future. [Get your copy of Greasy Kulture for more of this goodness. Image by Aaron Lindloff.]

  • mingh

    how clean is that!

  • Very nice. The black and yellow work. I also like the oil tank under the seat. I do like bikes I can see through, but too much openness makes me feel like I am looking through a skeleton :)

  • Glenn

    Beautiful bike, yellow and black looks great. Awesome mag guy, keep it up mate. Glenn

  • wow, this really does it for me!

  • will

    Cleanest bike ever?
    Very nice!! (Borat voice)

  • Very clean, but bikes with no front mudguard are useless to me in England, sometimes too much form and not enough function :)

  • Andrew “Lucky Lindy”

    Thanks for the positive feedback everyone. Im glad you dig it. I just found this blog today. Didnt even know my bike was on it!

  • chris

    awesome, only comment is that I think it would look better without the raised bars – flat bars with a slight backwards sweep would do the trick

  • The colour? I used to see that shade of yellow in my babies nappies! Otherwise, NICE!