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TPR Urban Scrambler

Triumph-based Urban Scrambler by TPR Italian Factory
This delightful Triumph-based custom is the first model from TPR, a new Italian shop based in Milan. The aim of TPR’s founder Pietro Figini is to produce motorcycles with “character and charm”, using Triumph’s 865 cc engine and the Bonneville’s tubular steel cradle frame as a starting point. The specs look good: the parallel twin motor has been reworked to boost power from 67 to (a claimed) 75 bhp, and around 20 kg has been shaved from the stock Bonneville’s weight. The styling and detailing are absolutely top drawer, as the images on TPR’s website show. Best of all, it looks like the Urban Scrambler will not be a one-off: the company’s full name is “TPR Italian Factory”, no doubt to reinforce its production abilities. Several Urban Scramblers have already been built, with an ‘R’ variant in the pipeline and three other models on the drawing board. Looks like our favorite European Triumph specialists Mecatwin and LSL now have some competition.

  • Mark

    Beautiful bike…I would love to own/build something like that!

  • teo

    Time for some trivia :-)
    TPR in italian is also the acronym for Traino Pesante Rapido, Fast Heavy Pulling. It’s a horse breed that was used for pulling in agriculture.
    These bikes remind me of a strong horse :-)

  • Beno

    Looks pretty rad! Loving the brown seat. I am about to fit a pair of Metzeler Tourances to my Scrambler… Dont know if ill be painting the logo red though?
    Not quite sold on the single pipes on each side either. Cant really fault the bike though! Looks a treat.

  • mitchell

    I really like what some of the new Hinckleys are morphing into. This one is cool! But It plays havoc with the performance when you get a BMW stuck in the air intakes, and the rider in scarlet leather one-piece makes a right mess of the throttle linkage.

  • Facebook User

    anyone got any idea what these cost?

  • Kozzy

    Love this bike! If I was looking for a daily driver (and price was no object), this would be the one.

  • I had the opportunity to see 3 TPR bikes during the Motor Expo fair in Verona, a couple of weeks ago. I think that TPR is able to match passion for English bikes with Italian passion for details and simplicity. Good job!!