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1970 Bonneville custom

Triumph Bonneville custom
From Guy Bolton of Greasy Kulture magazine. For a long time, Jon Rispante of Nevada wanted to build an all-black hot rod Triumph—‘murdered out’, as the hipsters might say. Here’s the result, a combination of three different Triumphs that Jon had sitting around.

The pre-unit front end and tank came from a “hodge-podge 1960s T100 that I paid $100 for a decade ago,” says Jon. The rear fender and various other bits came off a ‘66 Bonneville. But the main donor is a 1970 Bonneville, a bike that had “been floating around Las Vegas for years… For a short time, it was even owned by my father.”

Triumph Bonneville custom
The Bonnie engine was given a full rebuild, and treated to a TR6 single carb head, Boyer electronic ignition and a MAP Mikuni kit for rideability and reliability. The headlamp is a Model A Ford auxiliary lamp, and the tires are rare NOS Goodyear Super Eagles—19” on the front and 16” rear.

Jon wanted a ‘no frills’ look to this bike, so he gave the engine cases and other shiny parts a low-key, brushed aluminum finish. The paint is by Carlos from Cool Hand Customs—with pinstriping by Chris Clark—and Chris Nichols built the custom leather seat. In the end, Jon achieved his aim: “No chrome, no glitz. Just a clean, all-business, 40s/50s-looking motorcycle.” Love it.

Jon’s bike is featured in the latest issue of Greasy Kulture: order your copy here.

Triumph Bonneville custom

  • David Enfield

    No , sorry .

  • Looks wonderful! The pinstriping is dead on.

  • Sportster Cafe

    Now thats more like it! Down to earth, much more of a working mans bike!

  • Tim Hanna


  • Love this bike. Tempted to take the hacksaw to my stick ’66.

  • kim of Copenhagen

    Nice one, but for true blackness better google ‘survival bike’.

  • If it’s been hardtailed I think it’s a ‘chop”, not a “custom”

  • econobiker

    “murdered out” is now the term for what we used to do to bikes/cars with too rusty chrome and us with not enough money to restore- spraybomb black primer…

    I think the shine runners had the same idea back in the ’30s to ’50s to make their cars less flashy…

  • Mirbox


  • BikeyPikey

    Cool as hell but needs the tank logo to be 100% IMO

  • would luv to ride this classic beauty

  • Bob Irvine

    Would love to have that. Wonder how it sounds with those pipes.
    Congratulations to Jon. You built a bike many of us can only dream of riding.

  • Mike


  • dave

    lovelly that is. To D.A.B triumph has bolt on hardtail.

  • Right, but now I’ve gotten to wondering what that front hub might be..

  • Ryan

    This is a work of art!