Mr Martini Shorty

Triumph Bonneville custom
One of Italy’s most prolific custom builders is Verona-based Nicola Martini, better known as Mr Martini. He specializes in Triumph customs, and his Super Cooper—which we featured two years ago—is one of my favorite bikes of all time. ‘Shorty’ is the latest machine from the Mr Martini stable, and it’s based on a 2006 Triumph Bonneville. Mods are relatively light, keeping the bike practical, but custom parts include an aluminum swingarm, dirt-track influenced bodywork, new bars and risers, and a custom leather saddle. Bitubo shocks keep the back end planted, and the 790cc motor gets a boost from a free-flowing intake and a delectable exhaust system, custom made for Mr Martini by Zard. It’s one of those bikes that has a definite retro style but also just begs to be ridden hard—one of the side benefits of the current flat/dirt/street tracker trend, don’t you think?

Triumph Bonneville custom
Triumph Bonneville custom
Triumph Bonneville custom
Triumph Bonneville custom

  • tq

    Sweet! Love the yellow tank and detail of the saddle.

  • Goldstarzb34

    I like the overall theme of the bike. The seat looks more comfortable then the stock one and the rear fender is much better then stock! Wonder who made the triple trees?

  • ElFat

    “Begs to be ridden hard” + “no front brake” = “Bad Idea”.

  • Reeroo

    man, i’m not much of a triumph fan but this thing is sick. do want.

  • Mule

    Do they have a pavement flattrack series in Italy? Cool exhaust!

  • Mikep

    Throw a Brembo caliper up front and you’ve got me.

    I like how it looks as if it was cobbled together in an amateur garage, but there’s nothing actually amateur about it.

  • Sandramiller5956

    Nice looking Bike I love the Tracker look. I think it would lose something with a Headlight, Brakes,Signals and Mirrors. But those things would have to be added for me to ride it around here.

  • Owen Lloyd

    brakes! not just a fashion accessory! haha

  • elven

    As far as I know there is no tarmac flat-tracking in Europe. It wouldn’t be allowed on track days unless it had a front brake and a rear stop light. It isn’t road legal anywhere in Europe. It would cost lots to ship it to somewhere it could be used (USA).
    Otherwise: It’ll be nice when it’s finished.

    • elven

      …. and if it’s “just to look cool” (what’s the point?) then he should have shaved those unwanted lugs off the forks and he could give away all the motor/gearbox internals.

    • No brake light in the USA? Not legal here either, and not a good idea… you’re likely to get rear-ended even if you _do_ have a rear brake light!

  • joe momma

    ….geese…’s a racer…..not a sniveler……???

  • D2237

    Triumph has reclaimed its status as the bike of choice for any custom. Yamaha xs650 was the vintage retro choice. But I have to admit a bike with no front brake is liek a woman with one tit, You need two too be fully functional and enjoy the ride.

    • what if she had 3, like on Total Recall…i might have missed the point

      • Yeah, but she was a “little person”. That would be like riding a Honda 50.

        • nar she was full size, google “Total Recall three boobs”…i just did and had a pre-pubescent flash back

          • You’re right… I was thinking of the wee lady with the big gun.

  • Lancehouston

    This looks like a bike Gene Romero would have fielded in the Grand National dirt track series
    back in the day Well Done!!

  • Kumo

    “keeping the bike practical”

    No lights, no clocks, no mirrors, no front brake… Nice design, but not very “practical”. And totally street illegal in Europe.

  • BahamaBruce

    Bahama Bruce Really beautiful ,no brakes, no lights,no ride to the store for milk.

  • iRivas

    I’ll take one to go please. Thank You.

  • Anti

    Cool, makes me want to take the front brake off my bike.

    So many old farts on the internet, like the KKK of motorcycles ha ha. You know you’re in trouble if you get hung up on the lack of a front brake on a purpose built track bike. The cure… Get off the computer and either:
    A. Go ride you bike
    B. Go build your own custom bike
    C. Get laid
    OR all A, B and C!!!

    Thanks to Mr Martini and Bike EXIF for starting my day with a HELL YEAH!

    • Mule

      The advantage to being an old fart is that most of the time you know what the hell you’re talking about.

      First, it’s not a purpose built flattrack bike with 17″ road wheels and tires instead of 19″ dirttrack tires.

      Second, it’s not a Mottard bike or roadracer with no front brake.

      Third, no racing organization anywhere would let you race with a 2′ long sidestand.

      So, I would conclude that this is a “Streettracker” with no front brake installed…yet. Lots of nice parts and clean workmanship, but certainly not a “purpose built track bike” as you assumed.

      I suggest you actually go to a flattrack race and look at a few race bikes and the difference will become very apparent, even to a young expert like yourself.

      • Anti

        Well this is obviously for a new grass roots track class that very little is known of yet. I Hope it gains momentum. Exciting times, we need fresh air like this.

        A, B or C?

        • Mule

          I think I’ll continue to do “B” like I’ve been doing since about 1975! Thanks!

        • GeoKan

          I am going to tell you a ‘JOE BAR TEAM’ moto:
          It’s better to be a living chicken than a dead lion.’
          This is just another race-shop-window bike.
          THUMBS UP to Mule from a living chicken…

      • A Mule post I can agree with 100%.

        • Mule

          Rob, I’m gonna just go ahead and mark this special occasion on my calendar!

    • elven

      “Puprose built track bike”???
      No just purpose-built to go nowhere except a shop window.

      Tell me, where’s the track or road in Europe that this can be ridden…

    • elven

      A .been doing that since 1969
      B. been doing that since 1978
      C. been doing that since 1967

      Have you tried any of those yet?

  • Guest

    Hey here’s an idea take it to a dirt oval track day or put whatever other bits you think it needs and ride it where you want. Make it a Cafe Racer they’re very popular these days.

  • Kevin

    I think i just got an erection

    • Kumo

      So, you should go for C :D

  • The builder’s own “Super Cooper” was an immensely more purposeful, attractive, original, and interesting bike. I dislike negativity in comments on BikeEXIF articles, so for this bike I’ll leave it at “nice shoes”.

  • its a cool bike and a great high quality build, finished or not (read front brake and so on). the seat (really digging brown leather seats that are showing up more and more), pipe, triple tree and bar setup are favs

    Also, its a custom bike, you don’t have to like it or “get it” to appreciate it. have an opinion, but constant negativity from people that hide behind made up avatar names is boring and predictable. luckily most of the comments are fantastic and in some cases educational.

    oh yeah, ill take B then do C while doing A!

    • Kumo

      I use a nickname. The same my friends use to call me. So I don’t hide myself behind anything. Asuming people is hidden behind avatars and nicknames, alone in their bedrooms, on Internet all day is also so predictable and boring as a new badly tagged “cafe racer” bike or your comment, BTW, And a stupid attack to the users of this and other websites.

      No matter if I saying that a bike is beautiful or ugly, a nice idea or a horrible one, I always use the same nickname. I don’t have to hide from anyone. So, if people don’t like a bike, and you disagree, get over it.

  • Micah

    I love it, but please un-cork that puppy! It is, afterall, a megaphone…

  • KIK

    someone went dumpster diving

  • Carbon-Arc

    This is a beauty, but have to say no front brake is fashion over function. Personaly I never use a back brake when riding solo, but riding without a front brake is suicide, that aside – I WANT ONE :)

  • Aburkin10

    Sorry, but it’s a pointless exercise if it’s not sorted for real-world riding. Seems there are more of these “show” bikes showing up on the cafe scene, not a positive trend,

  • Lew

    Hmm, thought for the day…if you think you don’t need a front brake you probably can’t ride well. Unless of course you are a dirt or grass track rider, but then you’d need dirt tires and wheels for that.

    Those pointless white square number boards and banana yellow tank and killing the bike for me. Also the bike seems out of shape, sort of too low down on the front even with the paddock stand.

    • Mule

      I just bought a T100 Bonneville and having built several already, this bike/frame just isn’t suited to a 17″ wheel installation. Even though the factory does it, it still doesn’t go with the kicked out steering head angle. You are absolutely correct on everything you said!!

      Lew for President !!!

  • joe momma

    …..these bikes is what you see when you look at them…..i see nekid girls and most of youse dorx see janet napolitano……????

  • Coxster

    This one post makes me grateful for both Mr Martini AND Bikeexif !!

  • Ken

    People grumble to much!

    I too like this bike. However, these would be my changes: 1. Add a front Brake 2. Add lights and a plate so I could enjoy it on the road. 3. Exchange the number plates with dry erase boards so my friends and I could get creative over and over again! Might be silly, but it would be fun!

  • Houseofthunder

    Love the bike. Hang the legal crap on there best as possible and let’s ride…

  • Reeroo

    man, i keep coming back to look at this one, can’t explain why, i’m not even too crazy about trackers but something about this one i like. obviously safety stuff would be nice and yeah it suffers form an identity crisis but still, so sick.

  • Rogerdale

    What kind of fuel tank did he use? It looks like a suzuki ts tank.

  • PB

    guys thanks for the comments, i´ts been an entarteining lecture for my morning coffee!
    l agree with almost all of course. including bikeexif posting it and mr martini building it, probably, as you say, to put it in a window or most likely in a show (for triumph): this stuff is an exercise not for its own sake, but as a “ah cool l could go that flatracker-style / way with my custom”, a bit like a child watching a toystore window! nothing more.
    l would love to have thoses airfilters on my thruxton for example!

  • Spurdog1

    Cool bike, but have you seen this guys showroom!!!!! Those Italians certainly do thing in style.

    Good job Triumphs dont leak oil, they would make a terrible mess of that lovely carpet. You probably get a bottle of Prosecco and box of Ferrero Rocher with every bike.