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Kamikaze Chop

BSA custom motorcycle
This is one of those motorcycles where information is frustratingly scant. I think it’s based on a post-War Triumph, maybe a TR5 Trophy with the 498cc OHV four-stroke twin. (It has an Amal 276 carb.) [See comments. —Ed.] The bike was built by an underground Kyoto workshop called Kamikaze Chop, and it was wheeled out at the Joints custom show the other day. Visiting US luminary Jeff Decker selected it as his pick of the show; can anyone supply more information about this beautiful machine?

BSA custom motorcycle

  • I want this one. Please. Beautiful machine!

  • Cool.. i love it..

  • Senned

    Its probaly an BSA 650 twin, you can see the BSA-arms on the engine. Here are some more pics:

  • Very clean, tasteful and dare I say…classy! Well done. I’m formulating a “Bobber plan” and this bike really has some nice ideas.

  • Greybeard

    err….it’s a BSA Golden Flash, no?
    Early ’50’s.

  • The engine seems to be a BSA : Amazing bike !

  • ricoyam

    Certainly a BSA. Looks to be an A10 of around 1949-50 vintage. I can’t tell the exact model from the photos.

  • Cool bike. Bit of a speedway bike feel for me.

  • Lloyd

    Way cool! Looks to be a BSA A10 – Golden Flash or A7ST Star Twin in mostly stock trim. The front end with the rear set damper knob looks to be from a BSA C Model from late 30’s. Can’t seem to place the tank.

  • JohnP

    It’s a Beeza, maybe A10 plunger ??

  • Yep, it’s a Beeza for sure, and a very nicely styled one!

  • Skip

    It looks to be a BSA A7 Star Twin

  • Noel Woodroffe

    erm my first thought was… is a BSA, a Birmingham Beauty……am I daft? It is a BSA isnt it?

  • Thanks for all your comments: it does look like it’s a BSA A7:

  • Greybeard

    ’52 Golden Flash or there about.

    I think I might have owned one.

  • She is definately a Beeza, the engine is an A10 Golden Flash early 50s and the frame with the rear plungers are probably from the same era…. cant seem to place the model that the front girders have come from. The petrol tank is from a Madras Enfield bike.

  • the other larry

    It’s a BSA!

  • DucatiDew

    Yup…… BSA…. verry nice….

  • Simply stunning! I would love to see more of that front end/headlight setup. It has some slight Steampunk Hues…

  • John Feehan

    Doubtless it’s a BSA lump in there – but a nice ride all the same – tank logo and crossed guns on engine case should have been a giveaway eh?!

  • crazypj

    It’s a 1950~55 BSA 650 A10. ( I have a 1952 version)
    The engine on swing arm frames is slightly different (was separate transmission instead of semi-unit construction, as re-invented by Harley Davidson a few years ago)

  • crazypj

    Gas tank looks like Royal Enfield

  • Brooks Moses

    Completely aside from the provenance of the bike, I’d like to posit that the upper and lower photographs here are a pretty good illustration of how much of a difference the right background, lighting, and camera angle can make in the quality of a photograph. The bike in the top photo is immediately stunning; the one in the bottom photo is hard to see among the visual clutter.

  • per nielsen

    its a bsa goldenflash plunger frame, plunger frames where from 49 to 55, i ovn one like this, mine is 54, its 650c 4 speed gearbox, very good engines and strong gearboxes.. mine is in exes to be re Bobbed, it was Bobber style before allso, i just didnt like the style before.. im not going this style but it looks nice and clean

  • KGB

    I like this many project , and I will be doing the project like this , I eager to know that , how much is tire infront have the size ? , and how much is mischievous long spring ?

  • per nielsen

    kgb: it looks like 18 rear and 19X2/75 , the girder front could be norton ore maybe and erly 30es bsa girder like someone else mentioned.. the girder on the falcon bike looks like its the same type/model.