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Mecatwin Rocketeer

Triumph Rocket custom
One of our all-time favourite cafe racers is Mecatwin’s stunning Triumph 800 Racer. The French workshop specializes in Triumph and Harley customs, and has recently released the Rocketeer, a custom version of the Rocket III.

The Rocket is already somewhat extreme, having a 2.3-liter inline triple, so Mecatwin has wisely left the 140 bhp engine alone. Instead, it’s cleaned up and blacked-out the visual elements, and upgraded ancillary components such as the exhaust system. It’s enough to transform the bloated cruiser into a more hardcore machine with a tiny hint of the rat bike aesthetic—less Electra Glide and more V-Rod, if you like. We’d never ride one of these in a million years, but it’s still an interesting machine to contemplate.

  • s0crates82

    “Wouldn’t ride one in a million years”, why? Too much power?

    • It weighs around 700 lbs. And for the kind of riding I do, in the hills north of Sydney, a giant 2.3-liter lump would be a liability rather than an asset. For the wide open highways of the USA or continental Europe, I’d take it.

  • one headlight would have been better. I can’t help but be reminded of the cartoon that had talking motorcycles when i see the dual lights on anything but a Speed Triple.

  • Genaro Esparragoza

    I’d totally ride that

  • That is one awesome bike. Now the Triumph has the aggressive style to go with all that power.

  • YJH

    Frankie va être content_et nous pour lui_even if we do not understand that thing from mecatwin_he better do more 800 racers’_thanks BE

  • Scott

    Oh, I’d ride it. In a heartbeat.

  • Ride it? Hell YEAH! Buy it? No way!

  • Thomas Gohl

    Just an ugly bike even after custom paint, crappy lookin’ welded seam fuel tank, and that motor looks like it belongs in a diesel truck, fraid’ the mark was missed with this one, Triumph should not cater to the “cruiser” crowd, just not their scene!

  • “Triumph should not cater to the “cruiser” crowd, just not their scene!”

    Disagree there.

    The 2010 Triumph Thunderbird has just been voted best cruiser. (

    And I happen to think they have a very good range of cruisers.

    Please remember, this bike here is a customized version. Not made by triumph at all. the french got hold of it. So if you don’t like it, don’t blame it on triumph.

  • Thomas Gohl

    ok, i blame you!

  • mingh

    Triumph has always had more than an eye on the US market. So their rocket 3 should be looked at from that angle.
    I’ve the daddy of this rocket, a Triumph Trident. Although with its 750cc and 60bhp it’s more like its little brother. But i wouldn’t ever trade.
    It looks heaps better than any Vrod or Vmax.

  • Jack

    I don’t understand the “We wouldn’t ride one of these in a million years” comment. I’ve been wanting to take one of those for a ride since Triumph came out with it. And I really like that one.

  • Andy Innes

    Ride it, and buy it, BOTH !!!!!!!! What else is there that’s even 1/2 this cool? MT-01? Anything HD ? V MAX? Even a custom V twin, or Chopper ? I don’t think so, pure Muscle !!!! And Brit as well, yay !!!

  • FichenDich

    I would totally ride that machine ! It possess that “evil countenance”. And there’s even a hint of steampunk, hell yeah I’d ride it.