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Triumph Speed Triple custom

Triumph Speed Triple custom
Take a brisk hour-and-a-half ride south of Salzburg and you’ll arrive in Oberpinzgau, home of Julian Schneider, one of Austria’s top Triumph specialists. Schneider is best known for building the Triumph Tridays Edition bike, but his own motorcycle, finished in October last year, is equally interesting. It’s called the Burt Munro Edition, because Schneider is a big fan of the New Zealand motorcycle racer and land speed record holder. The engine of this Triumph is stock, apart from intake modifications and a Supertrapp exhaust; the real work has gone into the handling, with fork springs, shocks and a steering damper from Öhlins. Marchesini magnesium wheels are matched to a Beringer brake system, and Magura has supplied brake and clutch controls. Bike EXIF favorite LSL—no mean tuners themselves—have provided the bars, footrests and headlight, and there’s also a smattering of Rizoma parts. The result is a bike born to tackle the hairpins of the Austrian alps—and look good while doing it. [Thanks to Uli Brée.]

Triumph Speed Triple custom
Triumph Speed Triple custom
Triumph Speed Triple custom

  • sushinav

    Looks like a whore’s handbag. I don’t think Burt would ever go near something like this. I do love S3s though.

  • Chris

    Oh my god… I love this bike.

  • senile_at_29

    How much does it cost? It’s a very well-designed piece of craftsmanship. I would look totally awesome riding in it, but you have to think of the environment first. Can’t be too greedy for stuff you just don’t need.

  • powermatic

    Wow, there’s a lot going on there aesthetically! Not quite garish, but boy, it’s nudging right up to the precipice. Looks like beautiful handiwork, and I’m a big fan of the Speed Triple, but sometimes Less Is Definitely More.

  • bogdan

    i agree a little with sushinav, it’s flashy… but not that flashy
    it has only 3 dominant colors :)
    it’s ok

  • tony hannagan

    Make the frame and wheels black, and boom a perfect bike.

  • David S

    Like the concept, not the color.

  • BryanRay

    Looks like an an aggressive beetle the insect not the car. Cool but I can’t imagine Burt Monro riding it.

  • cheese sandwich

    Really, senile_at_29? In an article about a beautifully crafted motorcycle, you talk about how it affects the environment? This isn’t some crazy tuned gas guzzling V8, it is a gas sipping motorcycle. A Honda Civic is probably worse for the environment than this. Talking about the environment is awesome around tree-hugging hippies, but you have to think about how idiotic those comments are concerning motorcycles.

  • merlot75

    leck mich am arsch ist das fein gemacht…!! lick my ass…such a fine bike..

  • Ben-bot

    Don’t really see the connection between this machine and Burt Munro….it’s a solid build, but just way off topic for what Mr. Munro did. He was casting his own pistons and modifying the hell out of an old Indian. What does this have to do with a flashy Triumph with a stock motor?

  • jim

    sometimes money and special parts can’t make a nice bike

  • KIK

    i had never heard of BURT MUNRO until “the worlds fastest indian”, i instantly identified with him,i also had the honor of meeting Indian Larry before he became a “master builder” . a tribute is just that it lets people know that you respect and admire someone,wether it be a sticker on your helmet or a copy of their work. im sure mr schnider just wanted to make that be known, that he respected and admired another one with our passion,..

  • Looks like a fire truck….