Triumph T5 Speed Twin custom

1947 Triumph Speed Twin custom motorcycle by Snug of Japan
Triumph’s post-War T5 Speed Twin is a rarity these days, so I’m assuming (and hoping) that the 1947 donor vehicle for this custom was a wreck. It’s by Fukuoka-based Snug, one of Japan’s lesser-known custom builders, and everything has been heavily reworked. The original 498 cc parallel twin OHV four-stroke has been replaced by Triumph’s later 650 motor, presumably from the Tiger T110. The cam has been upgraded to a hotter Megacycle item, and the carburetor is now an Amal 930. So Snug’s machine will have considerably more poke than the stock 27 bhp T5. The detailing is lovely, and the black, gold and red color scheme looks both original and appropriate. But will those vintage drum brakes have enough power to stop this bike?

  • Andy Jenkins

    Now that’s a bike that looks fun to ride.

  • Brendan Falkowski

    Looks super trim. Almost like you could lift it.

  • powermatic

    Gorgeous-would love to take it for a spin.

  • kim scholer

    Disc brakes are for wimps.

  • Anthony

    This is a great looking bike…. it would be fun to ride….. nice work!

    I have to agree however, i hope this motor wasn’t raped from a fixable bike… i love choppers and cafe’ conversions but it saddens me when it turns out a perfectly good bike was hacked to build a one-off custom… vintage bikes in stock form are becoming a rarity and there are far too many “CB 750” cafe’ racers out there nowadays…. I’m climbing off my soapbox now… rant done!

  • mingh

    Anthony: couldn’t agree more, and i hope all these old engines come from wrecked bikes, but as long as a perfectly repairable/restorable bike sells for less money than the sum of the parts, the future looks very gloomy for the few surviving old bikes.

  • coho

    That pillion seat does NOT look comfortable. :)

  • Demarco

    I like the black and red!