Ace 904S Thruxton Special

Triumph Thruxton
I’ve always been ambivalent about the whole Ace Cafe scene in England. Despite being English myself, the checkered stripes and Davida helmet thing feels old hat. But the Ace 904S bucks the trend. It’s a collaboration between Tony Scott of T3 Racing and Mark Wilsmore of the Ace Cafe, and it’s marketed with Stonebridge Motor Co. branding.

The familiar Thruxton air-cooled parallel twin motor has been heavily reworked, with a 904 big bore kit, high-lift cams and revised throttle bodies. This boosts power by 35% and reportedly delivers 80bhp at the back wheel. Those (newly designed) wheels are connected to high performance Nitron suspension components, with 43mm upside-down forks at the front and a substantial 130mm of travel at the back. Six-piston monobloc calipers haul the 230kg bike to a stop. So we’re looking at good dynamics for the rider.

The overall appearance is classic, with a lovely paintjob from Darren Horton, but the componentry is modern throughout—with a digital dash and quickshift gear system from HM. This is one custom that has the Go to match the Show. If you’ve got £16,000 (US$25,000) kicking around, it’s yours.

Triumph Thruxton
Triumph Thruxton
Triumph Thruxton

  • Love the modern neon jacket reflected in photo #3 being swapped out for period black leather and blue jeans.

  • John Gall

    Will you please loan me $25K?

  • John Gall

    Better make that $25.5K. I’d like to add a quarter fairing . . .

  • glen

    25k to get dusted by a stock r6? I think not

  • BryGuy

    Works for me. Now if they would just paint it flat black and put Knobbly tyres on it…


  • T-Bone Bloss

    Love it, but I don’t do the hunched over thing anymore. If it was mine, it would have dual headlamps, an upright bar, standard peg positions, and I would call it a “Speed Twin”!!

  • manny

    nice looking bike. but 25k come on my 85 GPZ 750 would eat this thing for breakfast.

  • Woody

    Headlight 3 inches lower, and it’s golden.

  • Martin

    Saw this at the London Bike Show. A very well worked mix of new and even newer to create something that has a real retro feel.

    Headlight is way too high though :)

  • batpiglet

    dear manny: if it was all about the performance lots more guys would be dating fat chicks that gave good bed…. this bike has great style, and outclasses your gpz by far.

  • I don’t think that big chrome Head lamp go with the rest (indicator lights in the bar, digital dashboard, carbon mudguard…)

    A dual head lamp, or a sigle one but with a modern feel, will look better.

    And a differetn exhaust, perhaps.

  • manny

    @batpig there trying to make old look good with new and it’s not working here.if a bike can’t perform why spend 25k on it .you must date fat chicks.

  • RobL

    Manny, this is clearly not the bike for you. However, if one were to follow your kind of logic, the only bike anyone should ever ride is a 4 year old Hyabusa – cheap and fast. You don’t have a 4 year old Hyabusa? Then there’s a lot of guys out there that don’t understand why you waste your time with that GPZ.

    Unless you’re on a racetrack, 20 years old, and with 11 years of competition experience under your belt, you are _not_ riding any motorcycle you own to it’s fullest potential. But that is not what motorcycling is about… interacting with a machine, newest super-technology or ancient oxcart, appreciating it for what it does and for what you do learn as a rider and where that bike takes you in this world… that’s the value that many people get out of motorcycling. This 904S does exactly that for 15 lucky owners, and does it in a unique package developed from passion instead of marketing.

  • Josh Y.

    Reworked Engine-Check
    High Attention to Detail-Check
    Race Suspension-Check

    This bike has everything you could want. It is Gorgeous!

  • Dan

    Very sweet bike to be sure, but at that price, I would opt for the new Norton 961. That bike absolutely drips sex, and has better specs right out of the box for substantially less cabbage.

  • mule

    Instead of commenting on the price or what deatils could be changed, I’ll say this thing looks cool, well thought out, nice paint, suspension and detail work. $25K? Anybody that doesn’t think the price is right turn should turn off the computer and build a bike once in their life. You would experience what’s reffered to in some circles as “reality”. It’s a nice place to visit frequently.

    An 85 GPZ750 is faster and can be had for $1200.00? Who cares?

  • damo

    I am pretty sure my mates Hayabusa might beat that and it costs less!!!!!!!!! But thats not the point is it.
    “Riding faster than everyone else only guarantees you’ll ride alone.”
    Ride something with that much style and you would never ride alone.
    I take my hat off to Tony and Mark

  • ASD

    Living in Scandinavia where labour and machining cost is high, it is hard to imagine that anyone could make bikes like theese, pricing them at £16k, and actually make a profit..

  • Fantastic presentation of a bloody glorious looking bike. Who wouldn’t want to ride or own that? Very nice work on the photography and angles too Chris. Bravo post!

  • maxwell

    Nice styling. I am a fan of the older type bikes but this looks good with the classic style. I now add my opinion about the digital display. I think it looks out of place.

  • mack-o-matik

    Wow, superb shots…! surprises me that the bike looks terrific with this headlamp WITH the rider, as it does less without.

  • Emmet

    We need a video of it running! I’ve always wondered about building up a new triumph twin

  • This is not cool – this is techno crap! My Thruxton looks better than that and I only had to buy a few factory add-ons. Yeah sure it won’t keep up with a Hyabusa, but I wanna ride with a crowd, not get scraped off the tarmac with a spatula coz all my fake leathers and plastic bolt-ons make me look cool an’ I think I’m a race rider. Damn, the thing is trying harder to be a Plastic Spastic than a Classic. Wot’s with the front guard an’ the digital dashboard? Don’t ya remember the thrill of watchin’ the needle wind upwards to the redline! And how about the 1981 Thunderbird side covers – ya’ just shouldn’t be mixin’ ‘chunky’ with ‘funky’. The headlight looks like it was added as an afterthought an’ they keep makin’ the same mistake with the brakes – they’re on the same side of the bike!….try stoppin’ that in a hurry without compensating for balance! The only redeeming feature is the exhaust, an’ they still aren’t true ‘reverse cones’ like the Commando’s were! An’ I just luv the way the rear rego plate acts as the rest of the rear guard? (well said Dan, the Norton is a far cooler bike – an’ still captures the essence of classic “looks like it’s going fast when it’s standing still.”)

  • carn

    A seriously horny piece of gear…
    I suppose… that must mean I like it..?

    yeah… I like it.
    & I’d eat it – that means…
    I must love it.

  • db

    I think it has lost a lot of the charm of the original bike, which is unfortunate.

    I dig wanting to do something different but I can’t help but feel they have missed the mark, for my tastes at least.

  • love this, the only thing i’m not really feeling is the digital speedo/tach and those blue bolts but other than that giddyup.

  • Stu Hart

    Why do people always have to compare these with an “R6” or “my85 gpz will eat it for breakfast” its not about speed fellas, people who ride summat like this dont need a penis extension, its about style and making a statement…this is uber cool!! and i can guarantee there would be alot more people stood round this than a plastic R6 at any bike meet..

    It’s probably alot faster than you think, with those suspenders and tyres, it wont hang about…probably wipe the floor with plenty of the “moto gp ” wanna be’s out there…