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Triumph Bonneville Tridays Edition

Triumph Bonneville Tridays Edition by LSL
Every year in June, the small Austrian market town of Neukirchen changes its name for three days to Newchurch and celebrates all things British. Thousands of Triumph enthusiasts converge on the town for the annual Tridays rally, which has become one of the largest motorcycle gatherings in Europe. This year, there’s even a limited edition bike to celebrate the event, and it can be ordered from Triumph dealers. The idea came from Triumph’s Uli Brée—who also organizes the Tridays—and Jochen Schmitz-Linkweiler, owner of the German custom shop LSL. Just twenty limited editions will be built; all finished in the classic Tridays colors and based on the Bonneville with cast rims. LSL lightly tweaks the bikes, with mods including Remus mufflers and upgrades to the bars, brake box, light mount and instrument panel. YSS shocks, mini blinkers and an LED rear light are fitted to complete the package. The Tridays Edition costs a pretty reasonable €12,590, or US$17,200. I imagine it’d be perfect for the scenic eight-hour ride south from LSL’s Krefeld factory to the rally, and as a bonus, you get a two-night stay in a Tridays hotel as part of the deal. Got any plans for June this year?

  • Tin Man 2

    Wow, You folks sure pay alot for Bikes! In the States I can buy a new Bonnie for $8,000 out the door. You are a dedicated lot to pay so high a price for your Hobby. Even with the Mods listed the Bike would be well under $10,ooo here.

    • Given that this post and the earlier Wrenchmonkees piece have attracted a lot of comment around price, I think I either need to stop offer currency translations to US dollars, or explain the situation a little bit. In 2000, one US dollar bought roughly 1.085 euros. By 2009, one US dollar would buy only 0.72 euros. So buying anything from Europe become 30% more expensive in the space of less than a decade. This bike, for example, would translate to US$11,600 rather than $17,200. A big difference, and the kind of fluctuation that makes life difficult for manufacturers who export to other countries.

      Secondly, different countries have different tax systems and import duties, which can also have a huge effect on pricing. I found an online example from a guy who bought a Ducati in Denmark in 2006: “… my Ducati S4R, which has a “suggested price” without any taxes (sales tax or otherwise) of about $14,000 ends up costing $42,300! That’s more than 3 times the original price, the taxes ending up adding about 203%.”

      Therefore it’s impossible to draw any conclusions on the pricing of custom motorcycles between Europe and America. And that’s without the question of how much one should pay for a custom as opposed to ‘stock’ motorcycle.

  • Hal

    a stock Bonnie in the UK is gonna be the same if not cheaper than one in the US. This is a “custom shop” deal. you know factory CS shit goes for for ridiculous money in the US as well.

  • Thanks, Chris. I hope this helps explain the ‘differences’ in pricing.
    Exchange Rate and Equivalent Cost are two TOTALLY separate entities. Some ppl don’t think about that.

  • Nigel Nicholson

    I think the bike has a great bulldog look to it. Give it a better seat/tail and send me mine!

  • Tin Man 2

    Well $11,600 sounds alot more reasonable for this fine looking bike.

  • Tin Man 2

    Im telling you that here in the Colonys I can buy a new Bonnie for $8,000 out the door, This is today ,not 10 Yrs ago!! The mildly Customized Bike shown would be maybe $2K more. Dont get me wrong I like the Bike, I just feel bad you folks in Oz have to pay such a price for a product.

  • Adrian

    Tin Man , With respect , …The mildly Customized Bike shown would be maybe $2K more….with all that LSL stuff on it i don’t think so.

  • Ian

    That is an absolutely beautiful bike!

  • Facebook User

    Just wanted to say this post inspired me to start saving for a green Bonneville T100 with white accents. Or maybe black.

    I know it’s not as nice as this one, but one can dream….

  • sushinav

    I think not posting a price conversion would be just fine. Post the amount from the country of origin. If someone wants it converted, the internet shall oblige.

  • Thiago

    Now I’m deeply upset. Tomorrow, I was about to put a deposit on a street triple but seeing this Bonnie is making me change my mind. Thank you Triumph!!! :-(

  • Cheaplow

    More details on the handle bar and instrument mod? The headlight relo looks like a LSL part. Any more details on various mods?

  • Patty-o

    does anyone know who, or where I can contact to order one!,…..thanks for any info.