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Triumph Trophy Flat Tracker

Triumph Flat Tracker
Pick up a copy of the latest Greasy Kulture magazine, and you’ll see a feature on this terrific Triumph. It’s an ex-police TR6P—a “Saint”—transformed into a US-style flat tracker. Sitting in the ’67 Trophy frame is a potent ’64 Thunderbird motor force-fed by a Subaru supercharger. According to the builder, Sydney-based Von Daz, the blower was “300 bucks well spent”. The carb is a Jaguar SU, and the Ceriani forks are from a Ducati. The fuel tank is ex-Yamaha RD, the front wheel is a Kawasaki and the back is a Harley Fat Boy. “It all works fine, but it’s a bit scary,” reports Von Daz. “It’s instantly more power—from idle to top end.” The subtle paint effect is pretty sharp too: “I wanted to have a bit of ‘flower power’ influence to it, since I was basing it on the late 60s/early 70s-style flat tracker—when Gary Nixon was the king, hence the number nine.” Get your copy of Greasy Kulture for more of this goodness.

  • Ceolwulf

    hmmmm that’s getting dangerously close to my proposed project which was supposed to be unique :) I’d best get on with it then

  • Wasko

    I took this photo for Greasy Kulture Magazine. I’m curious where you got it from.

  • go daz!


    those goddam russian spies are everywhere!!!!!!!