Ural Motorcycle: The Solo T concept

Ural motorcycle
EXCLUSIVE The Ural is one of the great bargains of modern motorcycling: a tough, capable machine that can handle both city streets and dirt tracks. In the USA, you can ride a ‘Solo’ out of the showroom for just $6,999, and know that it’ll still be running 20 years down the track. Despite the price, the 750cc sT has 41mm Marzocchi forks and Brembo brakes.

It also has a pleasingly no-nonsense look, as befits a design developed from the iconic BMW R71—complete with retro ‘tractor’ seat. But motorcycle designer Luca Bar has shown how easy it is to customize this machine. He’s created two concepts exclusively for Bike EXIF: a flat-seated ‘bobber’ (the blue and red bikes shown here) and a ‘clubman’ (in olive green and white). The changes are minimal, but the look of the sT has been completely transformed.

Ural motorcycle
It’s amazing the difference a shorter front fender, repositioned indicators and new headlights can make. The rubber pads on the tank have also gone, replaced by bold logos. And a bobbed rear fender and new seats have given the bikes a visual flavor closer to downtown Tokyo than mountainous central Russia. None of these mods would compromise the bulletproof toughness of the Ural sT, and they’re not particularly expensive either: the total bill would probably match the sticker price of a showroom-stock Triumph Bonneville.

It’s interesting how the economics of the custom motorcycle scene work… [See the full range of Ural motorcycles, including sidecars, here.]

Ural motorcycle
Ural motorcycle

  • Greevous

    That’s an amazing transformation. I’ve always throught the Urals were cool but mostly in a utilitarian, 2wd-sidecar kind of way (which is pretty cool). Their stock SoloT isn’t exactly the sexiest bike in the world but it’s amazing what changing just a few details will do.

  • Dafunka

    Amazing, i already want one!

  • mudplug

    I’m liking the Cyrillic-styled BIKEEXIF logo ;)

  • Morchiusgee

    просто супер!

  • KIK

    Even Ural jumped into the deus ,bratstyle movement,…cool i guess..

  • elven

    Amazing difference from the original bike with just a few changes.
    Shows that you don’t need €€€/$$$ to make a bike your own.

  • Miggiddymatt

    Love the fat tire on the first two

  • Steve

    Much as I like Urals, for the same money as the custom bike I would still take the Bonneville…

  • Ural, please send me a white bobber. I’m waiting here in Brazil ok? Thanks a lot.

  • Triumphbrg

    A Ural with disc brakes? Cool! Great to see Ural making a comeback, no longer the Siberian stump-puller it seems!

  • BillW

    I’m confused. Why does a model called a “clubman” have a higher handlebar than the tracker/bobber? In britbikes, at least, a clubman is a road racer and generally has low bars or clip-ons.

    Other than that, the bikes are cool!

  • Lawrence J. Grim

    Wow! I need one to compliment my Patrol. I’ll take the red one please!

  • Sly1missy

    The front forks/tire looks a LOT like the Harley 48. But that’s a good thing.

  • Jimmy

    Very cool. The standard sT is just plain butt ugly, but these I like….a lot!

  • Wait, Luca Bar is actually selling this bikes? I’ll take the white Clubman, maybe with dual-purpose tires and matching saddlebags.

    • He’s not selling the bikes, but if enough people show interest, who knows? Ural have a track record of producing limited editions, after all.

  • Kerry

    I’m looking for a Canadian dealer now.

  • Jacquie

    I like the design. How does do they handle compared to say, a BMW /5 series with a old featherbed style frame.

    • Handling is apparently good. This is from a Motorcycle Classics review:

      “The Solo’s handling is a revelation. The steering feels neutral and direct, though not really what you’d call quick. And thrown into a series of sweepers, the machine feels planted and secure. Low speed maneuverability is especially good, with the low center of gravity and gyroscopic effect of those big flywheels contributing to excellent stability. The extra punch from the reworked engine is more noticeable in the Solo, and the excellent front and rear Brembo disc brakes mean braking is smooth and effective. And while not exactly plush, the suspension is firm yet compliant, which makes for a ride free of choppiness or bone-jarring crashes.”


  • Like! you could put a fat front tire on anything and it would look cool. Luca Bar has some great renderings on the site, like the guzzi’s a lot.

  • Jefferson

    Two things: First, are Urals particularly known for their reliability? Not rhetorical, just a question. I know they are technological dinosaurs which can definitely lead to iron-clad reliability, but how is the build quality?

    Second, are we out of actual motorcycles to look at? Let someone actually build this, or cut up an old airhead, and lets look at pictures of that. Just sayin’.

    • Well, Russian engineers basically stole BMW’s design of the R71 and completely reverse engineered it into the basic Ural motorcycle. They succeeded, and it’s safe to say they’re as reliable as the bikes they were based on.

  • Badfastard

    After having seen these animals chug their way through the vast mongolian steppes I am smitten by urals. These renderings are a bit too sportster-on-a-budget to my liking. bring back the knobbies!

  • Lord-ton

    The saddest thing is that you can’t really get these bikes (I mean even stock sT bikes) in russia =(
    i don’t know why =(
    they make different crappy trash for internal market =(

  • Sandramiller5956

    Nice basic looking bike, the new Urals are reliable and deliver all the power most will ever need.

  • Peter

    Tidy little advertorial package…..

  • Biker Chef

    I rode a Ural in Europe a few years ago. It was fun but not something I would want to own.
    I got lots of questions and comments from people but what is sold as a rugged look seems to me
    to be crude workmanship. Controls, shifting and handling are more on par with a lawn tractor than a bike.
    And then compared to something like a Suzuki C50 its not much of a bargain.

    • As Lord-Ton has pointed out above, the bikes sold in Europe are not the same as the models sold in the US. Recent reviews in the motorcycling press have made it pretty clear that the current Urals are a very competitive package.

      • Biker Chef

        I was in France not Russia and it was the same bike as they have at the bike shows here.
        but then if the press says they’re good bikes … well .. I guess I must be wrong.

  • Harry Farquhar

    I’d take a Solo with the leading link fork.

  • mack-o-matik

    wow, astonishing ideas here from Ural – can’t wait to see it “life”. Tough there’s a few things to clean up, as f.ex. backlight and signals and the wiring. That is a concept that many riders have been waiting for…

  • Acameldodger

    Love the bike, but you’re sponsored by Ural, right? How seriously can I take your claim about reliability?

    • Good point! I approached Ural in the first instance because I like their products and I’ve read good things about them. I’m no expert on their reliability, but I do read the motorcycling press extensively, and from what I’ve seen, the bikes are as tough as they come.

  • Peter

    Like I said, advertorial….piper, tune, etc…..

  • Snujj

    This is challenging the Bullet G5 Deuxe as my favourite retro bike from this moment on. I’d go one for sure.

  • Sebastien Truchet

    Oh !Exactly what i am looking for :-)

  • Brigand

    Russians have been chopping, bobbing and otherwise customizing Urals for decades. Why is this one especially noteworthy?

    • Because most people outside Russia don’t realise that.

      • TheKHAI

        Nice one!

  • Wegunter

    I am sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Own a 06 2wd Ural with sidecar and it is the best bike I have ever owned. Damm thing will go anywhere anytime. No maintenance issues with 25k on the dial. I want a solo as a back up and I want a solo Ural

  • Superg

    I like it. However aren’t these Urals pretty gutless in the hp category?

  • IK

    ” … yes I have a New Ural ST Solo. Rode it today for 130 miles in the fog from the Sacramento Valley back to the Coast. It’s a great bike. Handles and performs just like my first BMW from 1974. I’ve got 3700 km on it now and haven’t had a problem. It gets 45 mpg and will do 90 mph with throttle to spare. As to the short service interval Ural has doubled the interval for the new Solo’s from a sidecar rig. (every 5,000 km vs 2500 km) ”

  • JR0404

    Setting the record straight: “Well, Russian engineers basically stole BMW’s design of the R71 and completely reverse engineered it into the basic Ural motorcycle. They succeeded, and it’s safe to say they’re as reliable as the bikes they were based on”

    Not true! As part of the Warsaw Pact just before the war, Germany agreed to sell Russia the rights to build their own R71’s in return for continued shipments of raw timber and coal. Ironically, these shipments continued to Germany for days even after the Danzieg incident.

    Just saying, they didn’t steal it and reverse engineer it – they had the blueprints

  • 123

    nice bike, but I think it´s just Photoshop

  • Mark Fielder

    I think the fat tyres may not fit the swinging arm, Things are a bit tight around there with the stock frame. The Ural Wolf custom had a completely different frame to accomodate a fat rear tyre.

    I have both a solo & sidecar 650 and think that the 650s are a more attractive motor with the rounded barrels, heads & rocker covers. Maybe that’s a good retro move for the factory to make…

  • BluZEUS

    Easy to maintain, reliable. And nostalgic design. Sadly there’s none of this bike in Malaysia.