Vicente Design

Vicente Design
You may know Jean-François Vicente. He used to run a French retro custom outfit, VD Classic, that we’ve featured before. J-F has a new company now, called Vicente Design—and he’s pursuing a more eclectic style of bike building. “One day I woke up thinking twenty years of SRs and XT500s was enough,” he says. “I didn’t want to spend my life designing only ‘neo retro’ bikes.” So J-F bought this Yamaha through a classified ad in the US.

It had a Kenny Roberts frame and was intended for dirt track use, but was in bad shape. So J-F rebuilt it as a 70s Yamaha TZ-style production racer, spending a lot of time on the dented and cracked frame. The tank, seat housing and front fender are made from carbon fiber. The engine was blueprinted and rebuilt to race spec, and mated to a racing gearbox located in Japan. The bike now weighs less than 115 kg—and not surprisingly, “handling is perfect”.

  • macfly

    His website is as annoying as his work is beautiful. What he did with the Buell and the Harley V-Rod is amazing, if you can deal with the navigation to see it!

  • Agreed… I tried to find more on this bike yesterday but gave up after the crappy navigation from his website….

  • Garry Bowles

    I agree with both of your comments, But after all we are only human, and you cannot expect to be a brilliant, imaginative design engineer and a Computer Geek both at the same time,, I may be worth contacting Vicente and offer to clean up his website and make the whole experience more enlightening.