Egli-Vincent motorcycle by Patrick Godet
The French have a knack for classy, timeless motorcycles. There was Jean François Vicente, in the days when he owned VD Classic. We recently featured restorer Jean-Claude Barrois, who created the Rudge ‘bitsa’. And then there’s Patrick Godet of Godet Motorcycles of Malaunay in northern France, who created the machines you see here. These bikes are Egli-Vincents, and built under licence. They’re based on the 100-or-so originals produced in Switzerland by Fritz Egli in the late 60s and early 70s, and the appeal is just as strong today as it was four decades ago. Today, Godet offers two variations on the Egli-Vincent, a single-seater Café Racer model and a twin-seat Sport GT. Both use a Black Shadow air-cooled 50º V twin specification engine and weigh around 172 kg (378 lbs); the difference is mostly in the bodywork and the trim. It’s worth noting that Godet Motorcycles are not restorations, but completely new hand-built machines, created using new components that are faithful to the original Vincent specifications. A Godet/Egli-Vincent was featured in the Guggenheim’s Art of The Motorcycle exhibition; what I’d give to have one in my garage. [Images via Moto Paint & Parts. [Thanks to David McCairley.]

Egli-Vincent motorcycle by Patrick Godet
Egli-Vincent motorcycle by Patrick Godet
Egli-Vincent motorcycle by Patrick Godet

  • David Enfield

    Nothing can come closer to perfection than an Egli Vincent . How could you possibly improve on a “Shadow” ? This showed us , many thanks for the memory . The last picture is the one for me .

  • Bald Shaun

    First the Ducati Tracker now this glorious machine! Yes! Yes! Yes! BikeEXIF you really do know what we crave.

  • sushinav

    Amazing bike! A Frenchman remakes a bike that a Swiss remade from a Brit bike. And who says the EU concept won’t work!?!? Now if we can just get the Chinese to make an affordable copy, then sell it for rebadge to the Japanese, I could buy one at a Honda dealer.

  • mingh

    bike of the month fer sure!

  • steve

    Very Nice. Perferfection on form and function. And sushinav, don’t forget the engine was designed by an Aussie!

  • John Gall

    Instant lust!

  • Beautiful bikes. Dictionary definition of an elegant cafe racer. Nice work.

  • Carbon-arc

    It’s enough to bring tears to a grown man’s eyes

  • Fef

    The café-racer version is very close to perfection. Amazing bike.

  • D.

    That bottom one is pretty damn nice.
    I think if I was riding it I’d have discs on the front, though. For safety.

  • Jay Allen

    Darwin, Cafe’ Duck, and now this beautiful machine. Clearly BIKE EXIF is the best bike blog on the net.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Moz

    Only one thing better than a Godet Egli Vincent…and that’s the real thing. Have a look on the raidermotorsport facebook page where there’s a 2009 built genuine Egli Vincent!!

  • Shawn

    Only one word. YES!

  • PB

    simple and classic. perfect.
    l think a motorcycle can´t get much better than this.

  • pechunges

    Kinda hard to believe something this beautiful is real. If I turned a corner and saw this, my knees might just give out.