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1972 Yamaha R5C

1972 custom Yamaha R5C 350
There seems to be a growing appreciation of super-quick two-strokes from the 1970s. Yamaha’s more recent SR400 has long been the weapon of choice for most Japanese custom shops, but in the west we’re seeing more and more vintage oil-burning Yammys such as the RD400 and R5 coming out of hibernation. The 1970-72 R5 was the direct descendant of the factory TR production racers, and offered incendiary performance. Cole Suggs’ restored 1972 R5C is a good-looking example: the engine has been rebuilt and bored out, a new DG exhaust and seat fitted, and the rear fender bobbed. Lawrence O’Toole’s R5 tribute site has all the details. Lawrence says the R5 was “Dirty, loud, crazy quick and relatively affordable when new (and more so now!). It was, and still is, a giant-killer.” We’re sold.

  • Me encanta la R5, Fantastic Bike, and yes is a Giant Killer

  • D Whitham

    Can someone out there help me? My husband died suddenly last year and I have his old Yamaha ’72 ( I think) IT400. He used to have it licensed for the road many years ago. My son recalls that it might have a cracked ‘motor housing’?? I don’t know if it is worth anything, even just for parts, or if I should just haul it to the dump. Any thoughts out there?

  • David

    This is an awesome bike. I love the side stand prop. I love the fact it still has the drum brake…

  • i killed this guy on a ’02 gsxr1000 yesterday on my r5c