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Yamaha XJR 1200 custom

Yamaha XJR 1200
In the mid 90s, the XJR 1200 was Yamaha’s foray into the increasingly popular ‘naked’ bike market. And it was no slouch, with a reported top speed of 220kph (136mph). Fast forward a decade, and here’s an even faster XJR 1200—built in 2006 by German designer Jens Finke, and featured in Fighters Magazin.

The engine is heavily uprated: the stock inline four puts out 98 hp, but Jens’ bike has considerably more. It’s packing serious heat with JE pistons, a flowed head, a hot cam, K&N filters and a stage II Dynojet kit. Plus that 4-into-1 exhaust—a lightweight Eagle Mach 7 DB Killer model, designed to give a useful power boost without infringing strict European noise regulations.

Yamaha XJR 1200
Jens also reinforced the frame, powdercoated it black and attached an FZR front end and custom swingarm. Those unusual parts on the front are CNC-machined and there are neat touches throughout, such as the ignition being moved to under the seat. Good to see a streetfighter with a little restraint—I’d say this XJR 1200 is the classic iron fist in a velvet glove.

Yamaha XJR 1200
Yamaha XJR 1200

  • Hal

    love it! sheer muscle.

  • mingh

    i’ll state it euphemistically: this isn’t the sort of bike that makes me a regular visitor to this site.

  • Though I don’t care for many of the details, I really like the overall look and attitude of this bike. Naked, short wheelbase, brutal. Like Hal said, “sheer muscle”.

  • Ken Double

    I’m thinking that’s more of an iron fist in an iron glove. But what’s with the seat? I get haemorrhoids just looking at it.

  • luke

    ive got the same brakes on my 98 fzs600!
    I love that exhaust, the whole bike is very macho but im sure without padding on that seat you wont be talking in a macho way after a ride :P

  • I’m CNC programmer & Operator and I can say there is wonderful job.

  • Dave

    I love it. its quite original. though im not sure i like the look of that rear swingarm :L

  • don’t

    Overall I like it, but it’s a little headless, or pea brained looking. Ditch the clips ons for something just a little wider to better balance the bulk of the body and upsize or double that dinky headlight.

  • Stunning bike; total street fighter with no apologies.

    Johnny Bad Ass – do I hear a “Rebel Yell”?

  • Bald Shaun

    It’s a beast! Brute force with the stance of a rip snorting bull! To pick nits, I don’t care too much for the headlamp, and I’d at least need a pad for a seat, but overall this bike totally [email protected]$$!!! Love the custom triples and clip-ons.

  • The_Scrote_From_Lanzarote

    To be honest; “‘fighters” are not my kinda thing, but to each his/her own…
    So the first thing that really caught my eye was that shiny under-slung U-bracket on the swing arm.
    I get that it’s for bracing but it still makes me cringe at the thought of something hooking into that thing and sending the rider flyin’ off like some Wile E. Coyote made flesh.

  • David Enfield

    No surrender . Love it .

  • RobL

    What makes bikeexif so interesting is the wide variety of bikes. If all I ever saw here was an endless parade of only cafe racer interpretations, or only rare classics, or only Japanese chopper interpretations, it would get boring real quick. It’s great to see all the different aspects of the motorcycle fetish.

    As for this XJR… WOW. Brilliant CNC work, perfectly in character with the rest of the bike. Wish I could see a better view of that swing arm.

    If I were to nitpick, those headers are a good argument for ceramic coating. The rest of the custom work is so detail-oriented and clean, beyond the typical garage-build fighter, it’s a shame to have a scrubby set of pipes. A flat silver ceramic coat would be clean, not glitzy, and be good for performance. Oh, and yeah, a seat pad would be appreciated. If that makes me a nancy, then take me dress shopping already.

  • richard M

    Silly…….My fAT jELLY 1200 would slaughter it in all but posing stakes