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Ben Part Zagato Guzzi

'Zagato' Moto Guzzi
British photographer and Sideburn co-creater Ben Part has spent 14 years building this café racer. It’s become the stuff of legend in Moto Guzzi circles, shooting to fame as the prop in that Davida helmet ad. Then Ben and a mate built a replica (‘OB1’) for Guzzi fan Ewan McGregor. So what is the bike, exactly? Somewhere under the battered aluminum is a 1000 SP with a Tonti frame—plus a custom swingarm bought from a RaceCo mechanic, which Part hooked up to a Hyper Pro mono shock. Other details include Discacciati brake rotors, a Triumph headlight and a 1932 Ford teardrop taillight. Vintage Motorcycles Online has the full story, and reveals where the Zagato reference came from. [Thanks to Ben and Aussie reader Phil Davis.]

  • e

    *shrug* I’ve always loved this bike. Then again, I love beaters and rats of all stripes. It makes sense to me, and that big-ass tankbag makes it even more beautifully-absurd.

  • easty

    ha ha I hope I never have to depend on you for an enthusiastic view on my bike! Are you a car owner or what? e not so sure ! beautifully absurd what is that, If you’ve got nothing to say, say nothing

  • Bob

    Looks like something from the “Road Warrior”

  • Heavily modified, Part’s Guzzi nonetheless retains the flavor of a classic Tonti-framed speedster. I don’t know what happened to the negative comments posted here earlier, but it is clear many regard the Guzzi twin as an anachronism; without a ‘home’ in the traditional motorcycling sense. For those who own and ride Guzzi (very often out when you’re nestled warm in you bed, or strapped safely in four-wheeled comfort) the enjoyment comes from a stream of rugged, thoughtful engineering that comes together to provide years of enjoyment. Notoriously frugal, many Guzzi owners enjoy the option of wrenching at home.

    Ben’s a good sort; full of fun and creativity. His kit is popular because the most important element of motorcycling -fun- screams through it all. Long may he, and the Zagato roll!


    Nolan Woodbury

  • Skylar

    Been looking at various pictures of this bike for years, thanks for the write-up & link. I think his looks cooler than the shiny one for MacGregor, but like the first guy, I love rats.

  • mat

    I think it is awesome, but that is the worlds most impractical tankbag!