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Zero Engineering Bullet Train

Zero Engineering Bullet Train
Zero is one of the most iconic names in custom motorcycles. The founders of the ‘Samurai Chopper’ movement opened shop in Okazaki City in 1992, and last year set up an operation in Las Vegas. According to Zero, the Bullet Train “started as an in-house project to use up some of the old parts we had laying around the shop. We wanted to build a bike with a vintage drag racer feel to it.” The name is apt: power comes from an S&S 113” motor with tuned induction, putting out around 120 hp and hooked up to a custom-made titanium exhaust system. The sheet metal is burnished aluminum, with pinstriping and a simple clear coat to finish. Just 24 of these exquisite bikes will be made—and the last one, #8, sold for a cool $40,000. If that’s too steep for you, you can get your hands on one of Zero’s other models for a touch under $30,000. [See also Zero’s ‘Iron Man‘ movie motorcycle.]

  • charles

    There are a lot of cool things about this bike, it’s a shame that none of them match and make the bike as a whole look pretty stupid.

  • Josh

    it has really nice details, but clip-ons and cruising pegs are bad form. Also a 1850cc engine pumping out only 120 hp
    thats as much as an un-tuned SV1000
    this thing has high flow and straight pipes.

    I guess no one who buys this bike for that much will probably even ride it. So who cares.

  • i’ve been a big fan of zero since 2003, long before they came stateside. their bikes exemplified the “samurai” style of bobbers. still, when i saw this bike a couple of months ago i thought it was an abomination.

    hey, even the beatles wrote a crappy song sometimes. here’s to the next bike!

  • I love Zero. I chased them down and convinced them to let me shoot a calendar for them. We just finished shooting this week and there will be 2010 calendars for sale at in about a week. Enjoy!