ZOOM Rih motorcycle
The Rih is a small-series racebike concept from Maximilian Näther of the German outfit ZOOM designagency. It’s aimed at ‘hobby racers’, but there’s some interesting thinking going on here. The intake system starts with ‘lung-like’ membranes on the fuel tank, which flex according to how much air is being ingested by the Aprilia V4 motor. And the logos on the tires are baked-on ‘thermochrome’ pigments, which change color according to heat: the rider can then see when the tires have reached the optimum operating temperature. ‘Rih’ is an Arabic word for ‘wind’, and the next step for Zoom is to secure sponsors and build a working prototype. [Via Design Spotter.]

  • aoelus

    Anyone with a Aprilia V-4 engined race bike is a serious hobbyist. Certainly attractive styling that shows the firms capabilities, but no more I would think. How does the rider see the logos while on the bike?

  • Personal Preference Rating: 9.5/10

    The text. The text man… I am for logos and decals on a vehicle done a certain way. But I like the clean look of the design of the bike. Like looking at a naked girl’s body. I don’t need all that extra stuff. I just need the bike. The decals aren’t so bad. And I am trying to appreciate the innovative tire design. The huge clean fairing. The clean rear wheel. The aggressive rear seat section. Awesomely clean wind shield. All awesome. I think I just would like the tires plain black. All all white. Just kill the text. Maybe it looks really cool when it is rolling fast?