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1941 Indian 741 Flathead racer

1941 Indian 30.50 ScoutJill Allen dropped us a line about her Indian 741 30.50 Scout, which set a new land speed record of 103.985 mph last month at El Mirage. This lovely vintage racer is powered by a ’41 motor that Dave Iversen had been storing for twenty years. “We pulled it out, gave it some good TLC with elbow grease and found it may actually run. The previous life of the motor was more than likely utilitarian: it was on a hunk of plywood, and looked to be set up to run some type of pump.” Jill and Dave simply fitted new piston rings and re-seated the valves. “I’m running it bone stock with the original 3 speed jockey shift transmission,” she says. The bike runs in the 350cc class (vintage flathead engines are given a ‘handicap’) and nearly all components—including the chromoly frame itself—were designed and built by Dave Iversen. Check the Iversen Originals website for more pictures of the Indian 741 and a report on Jill and Dave’s record-setting attempts.