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Warbird: The motorcycle with an airplane engine

Warbird: A motorcycle with an airplane engine
By guest writer Diesel of Radial Engines).

It took Ian two years to create this beauty, but what a product! On the tank, you can see a pin-up girl—the creation of a “very talented local girl named Jennie Persak”—while the overall painting was done by George Kanavaros, an experienced aviation painter.

On his website, Douglas says, “Warbird, my latest build, was born out of a combined love of vintage aircraft engines and similar period motorcycles. The engine is a scratch designed/built power-plant that utilizes WWII radial aircraft cylinders and a one-off hand built crank case.

The response to the bike has been truly amazing. I must have struck a nerve with people, as we have been flooded with requests for more information.”

This truly is a masterpiece worth appreciating.

Photographer/image copyright Ian Douglas.