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Metalback motorcycle concept

Metalback motorcycle concept by Jordan Meadows Design
Computer renderings of concept bikes are two-a-penny these days, but this one deserves more attention than most. Metalback comes from a leading automotive designer called Jordan Meadows, and it’s an attempt to marry the ethos of the traditional café racer with contemporary green credentials. “The concept is powered by a v4 engine running on bio diesel,” says Meadows. “Its frame and skin are crafted from recycled aluminum. This has the advantage of saving weight to enhance performance, while reclaiming pre-used material. In the manufacturing process, the alloy is treated to patina and age naturally without expensive and harmful paint applications. The net effect is a raw natural surface which suits the classic cafe racer, and recalls the romance and power of vintage WW2 fighter planes.” It’s an interesting approach and Meadows has the history to back it up: until last year he was Design Manager at Mazda’s North American Design Center, and his CV includes stints Volkwagen, Chrysler/Jeep and Ford. The big question is whether a mainstream motorcycle manufacturer would be prepared to go down this road—and is the public prepared to buy into it? [Image © Jordan Meadows Design.]