Win a one-of-a-kind NEXX X.G100R helmet

The Bike EXIF Moto Photo Contest is back

Win gear in our motorcycle photography competition
We all like taking photos of our bikes, capturing memories of weekend jaunts and adventurous road trips. So once again we’re giving you a chance to win riding gear and motorcycle accessories from four of our favorite moto brands: Velomacchi, REV’IT!, NEXX and Rizoma.

The theme is simple: ‘My Favorite Road.’ Show us where you like to ride, and include your bike in the image. It might be a twisty mountain road, a wide-open highway under big skies, a forest track, or even a tight city street. We want to see where you twist the throttle.

Win gear in our motorcycle photography competition
How to enter You can send in up to three shots, and we have two categories for entries: Privateer and Professional. (If your main income comes from photography, that means professional.)

Please send images as JPGs that are at least 2000 pixels wide, but less than 5 MB in size. We prefer images that are ‘natural.’ Please name your files in this format, so we can trace them easily: last-name_first-name_photo-name.jpg.

You can enter no matter where you live in the world, as long as you’re over 18. As specified in the rules, you retain all rights over images that you submit.

And if you’re looking for tips on how to get a great shot, check out this guide.

Win gear in our motorcycle photography competition
How the contest is judged A small panel of judges led by pro photographer Lance Koudele will select the ten best images from each of the two categories, Privateer and Professional. This will be done ‘blind,’ with the judges unaware of the identities of the entrants.

We’ll then go to a public vote to pick the two overall People’s Choice winners. And we’ll also have a wildcard judges’ choice that we’re calling the ‘Holy Sh*t’ winner—an amazing image that the judges feel transcends all others.

The prizes The winner of the Privateer Category will collect a Velomacchi Speedway 28L Backpack and Speedway Impact Storage Case, a REV’IT! Halo jacket, a NEXX XG100R helmet, and Rizoma Tapered Handlebars. Total Value c.$1,160.

Win gear in our motorcycle photography competition
The winner of the Professional Category will get a Velomacchi Speedway 40L Backpack and Impact Laptop Sleeve, a REV’IT! Trench GTX jacket, a NEXX X.WED helmet, and a set of Rizoma universal fit Eccentrico Mirrors. Total Value c.$1,870.

Win gear in our motorcycle photography competition
The winner of the Judges Choice award will take home a Velomacchi Speedway 50L Travel Duffle Hybrid and Speedway Tool/Med Pouch, a REV’IT! Livingstone jacket, a NEXX XG200 helmet, and a set of Rizoma Legend handgrips. Total Value c.$1230.

Win gear in our motorcycle photography competition
And everyone who votes in the People’s Choice will be eligible in a random draw to win three identical prize packages to the ones above.

The winners will be announced via the Bike EXIF social media channels on December 21, 2018.

So make sure you upload your images before 11:59pm PST on Monday, November 26, 2018. Good luck and get shootin’!

Please read the full Terms & Conditions before entering.