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Roland Sands RenStar

Roland Sands’ Renstar custom motorcycle
One of the most interesting bikes at the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building was Roland Sands’ RenStar. It’s based on a Yamaha Road Star, and unlike most of the motorcycles on show at Sturgis, it looks like you can actually ride it. That Dunlop 240/40 R18 at the back won’t help cornering, but it’ll sure get the power down on the road. And power is what this bike has, with a 110 ci engine heavily modified by Patrick Racing, including ported heads, valves, pistons, camshaft and an upgraded PR/Mikuni carb. The rest of the bike—from the frame to the swingarm to the cosmetic parts—was hand built by Sands. Michael Lichter has some stunning photos of this custom on his website, and it’s also caught the eye of Toyota Trucks, who have used it in an ad campaign aimed at motorcyclists. Strangely, the RenStar didn’t place in the final judging.