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Cafe Racer Dreams

Cafe Racer Dreams’ Ossa Copa custom

Café Racer Dreams is a Spanish custom shop with a sleek and pared-back style. So this vintage-themed machine is something of a departure for Pedro and his crew, but it works beautifully. It’s based on the 1979 Ossa Copa 250, a lightweight two-stroke single known for its four distinctive fins on the cylinder head—and its…

OSSA motorcycle

OSSA 250 Monocoque

This amazing little OSSA 250cc Grand Prix bike finished 3rd in the 250cc World Championship in 1969. Its revolutionary monocoque stunned the Grand Prix paddock, yet the clearly superior design never found favour with the big manufacturers. Designed by Eduardo Giró, the son of OSSA founder Manuel Giró, the bike featured a six-speed gearbox mated…

Scorpa SR125-2T LongRide


I’ve always had a slightly geeky fascination with trials bikes. They’re like a nerd version of motocross: beautifully engineered, delicate machines piloted by riders of dizzying skill. And without the usual MX-style machismo and histrionics. So I pricked up my ears when reader Jorge Lopes da Silva emailed us about the reappearance of the iconic…