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1982 Kawasaki Z1000

Kawasaki Z1000 by Santiago Chopper

Santiago Chopper’s Alain Bernard is a vintage Kawasaki fan from way back. And when he’s not building trikes, he likes to have a little fun with streetfighter-ish Z1000 customs. You might recognize the engine, but the frame is harder to spot. It’s a Georges Martin original, built by the French frame specialist who rose to…

Custom Buell motorcycle by Santiago Chopper

Buell Custom: Santiago Chopper’s ‘Bucati’

Alain Bernard is one of the most unpredictable builders in the US: You can never guess what he’ll come up with next. The bread-and-butter of Santiago Chopper’s business is trike conversions, but Bernard also turns out traffic-stopping two-wheelers on a regular basis—like this Buell custom. This is his latest, nicknamed ‘Bucati.’ Believe it or not,…

Santiago Choppers Kawasaki

Santiago Chopper Kawasaki H2


Alain Bernard is a colorful character. Based in Florida, he runs Santiago Chopper and created the Norley Cafe Racer. Here’s his latest bike, and it’s got to be his most extreme yet—in terms of engineering, as well as the fluoro color scheme. This machine has got the ‘go’ to match the show. The motor started…