Charged up: Zero debuts new entry-level Model S, DS and DSR

2024 Zero S
Zero Motorcycles is on a roll. The Californian electric motorcycle company has been in business for seventeen years and has grown its portfolio to include everything from street machines to dual-sport bikes.

For 2024, Zero is refining their range with three new entry-level models. The 2024 Zero S, Zero DS, and Zero DSR replace the outgoing bikes that bear their names. But rather than tweak the ‘old’ S, DS, and DSR, Zero has built new bikes that slot in nicely with the brand’s flagship bikes.

2024 Zero S
Unveiled this week at EICMA, the new Zero S [above] sits in Zero’s line of street bikes, as a cheaper version of the fully-fairing SR/S and naked SR/F models. The new Model S resembles its older siblings visually, but makes lower numbers.

Still, it’s no slouch. There’s 68 hp and 132 Nm on offer from the Model S’s new motor, with a range of between 101 and 154 miles from its updated 14.4 kWh battery, depending on how you split your highway and city miles. It’s also the lightest of the range at 223 kg [492 lbs], with a top speed of 104 mph.

2024 Zero SR/S
For comparison, the SR/S [above] makes 113 hp and 190 Nm, and can go as far as 171 miles (if you’re gentle). The SR/F makes the same power and torque, with a smidgen more range.

The Zero S will set you back $14,995 in the USA, a significant drop from the $20,495 SR/F and $20,995 SR/S. That puts it in the same ballpark as the new LiveWire S2 Del Mar—and while that’s certainly not cheap, it is refreshing to see the price of admission for decent electric street bikes come down.

2024 Zero DSR
The impressive Zero DSR/X adventure bike is joined by the new Zero DS and DSR [above]. It’s the same story here, with the $15,995 DS and $19,995 DSR coming in cheaper than the $22,995 DSR/X. All three bikes share the same reinforced frame and Gates carbon belt drive, as well as the DSR/X’s bodywork, ergonomics, 828 mm seat height, and off-road-specific features.

Specs-wise, the Zero DS [below] claims a range of between 98 and 144 miles, with the same 68 hp and 132 Nm output, and 104 mph top speed, as the Model S. It weighs in at 239 kg [527 lbs].

2024 Zero DS
The Zero DSR steps it up to 80 hp and 195 Nm, with a range of between 105 and 155 miles from the slightly larger 15.6 kWh battery. Its weight is 242 kg [534 lbs].

Finally, the 2024 Zero DSR/X tops the line-up with a range of between 107 and 179 miles, an output of 100 hp and 229 Nm, and a weight of 247 kg [545 lbs].

2024 Zero FXE
The stripped-down Zero FX, and the radical Zero FXE [above] that was penned by Huge Design, remain in the brand’s catalog for 2024. They’re both priced at $12,495.

For customers outside the USA, Zero is also offering 11 kW versions of the FXE, S, and DS. The 2024 SR and DSR models can be dealer-modified to be A2 and A3 license-compliant too, which is fantastic for new riders who want more power as their skills and confidence grow.

Source: Zero Motorcycles

2024 Zero DSR/X

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