Gambler 500 Mini Moto Enduro mini-bike race

Mini Moto Enduro: The Gambler 500 Downsizes


My Coleman CT200 mini-bike sounded like empty soup cans having make-up sex. My bony ass cheeks got more bruised with every lap, and my hands felt arthritic. Every time I went to loosen my white-knuckle grip, the CT200 tried to buck me. People were being hauled off the six-mile, off-road circuit with concussions and broken…

Has the custom motorcycle scene lost its way? Motojournalist Jason Cormier sounds off on Steve McQueen, Harley-Davidson and the concept of Authenticity.

Editorial: Authenticity

A few days ago, motojournalist Jason Cormier published a hard-hitting critique of the current custom motorcycle scene. At 4,000 words it’s a…