The new ICON 1000 Brigand Collection
ROOKie: A BMX-style scrambler by ROOK motorfietsen

ROOKie: A street scrambler with an 80s BMX vibe

Any custom shop that builds its own frames gets our immediate respect. Granted, you need a certain degree of mechanical aptitude to strip down and tune up an engine, or install completely new suspension. But fabricating a new frame is a whole different ball game. This angular and curiously appealing light motorcycle comes from Belgians…

Custom Yamaha XSR155 scrambler by K-Speed

Trail Breaker: K-Speed mods the newest (and littlest) XSR


Based in a country where sub-250cc bikes rule, it’s no surprise that K-Speed has a serious knack for transforming small-displacement models into mean, menacing-looking machines. Despite the Thai shop’s proclivity for pint-sized projects, K-Speed has worked with all manner of donors, including full-size models—which again, shouldn’t come as a surprise considering it completed almost five…