IOM TT: Filming The World’s Most Dangerous Motorcycle Race

IOM TT: A New Film On The World's Most Dangerous Race
The Isle of Man TT has claimed the lives of 246 competitors since 1911. It’s the most dangerous sporting event in the world—but year after year, the racers return.

We’ve all seen the GoPro footage on YouTube and the heart-stopping crashes. But no one has examined the fatal attraction of the IOM TT: just why do the riders risk their lives?

Now Studio Kippenberger has answered that question with a stunning short film, titled simply IOM TT. The Berlin-based production company is legendary in automotive circles, creating otherworldly atmospheres with drones and floating ‘gimbal’ camera rigs.

IOM TT: A New Film On The World's Most Dangerous Race
Kippenberger has pulled together the world’s best crew for IOM TT, and the result is simply amazing.

Motorcyclist magazine agrees: “…truly stunning photography and painstakingly arranged slow-mo sequences that perfectly capture the drama and danger of threading hedgerows at 180 mph.” And motojournalist Wes Siler hailed IOM TT as “… probably the most compelling 15 minutes of motorcycling I’ve ever watched.”

The IOM TT film is now available on YouTube. Highly recommended.

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