Gear guide: 5 essential pieces of motorcycle gear for the fall

5 essential pieces of motorcycle gear for the fall
The crisp air, vibrant foliage, and open roads make the fall an enticing season for motorcycle enthusiasts. As the leaves change color, it’s crucial to gear up appropriately to ensure your safety and comfort during this picturesque riding season.

We explore five essential pieces of motorcycle gear tailored to the unique challenges and pleasures of fall riding. From staying warm and dry to maintaining visibility and control, these five essential motorcycle gear pieces will enhance your autumn riding experience while keeping you safe on the road.

Saint Puffer motorcycle jacket
Fall-ready riding jacket One of the most critical pieces of gear for fall riding is a high-quality motorcycle jacket. As the temperatures drop and the air becomes crisper, a well-insulated and windproof jacket is essential to keep you warm and comfortable. Look for jackets equipped with thermal linings or removable layers that allow you to adapt to varying weather conditions.

Additionally, ensure your jacket provides adequate protection. Quality motorcycle jackets often feature reinforced padding in key impact areas, like the shoulders and elbows. These guard against potential injuries but also act as a windbreak to retain warmth. We like the Saint Armored Puffer for its insulated down layer, supplemental armor, and reflective details that will make you more visible on the road in foggy fall weather.

Rev'It! Stratos 3 GTX waterproof motorcycle glove
Insulated gloves Fall riding can be chilly, and your hands are particularly vulnerable to the cold. Protect them with a pair of insulated, weather-resistant motorcycle gloves. Look for gloves that offer warmth and flexibility, allowing you to maintain a good grip on the handlebars.

Insulated gloves with waterproof or water-resistant properties are ideal for fall riding. The Rev’It! Stratos 3 GTX gloves keep your hands warm and dry if you encounter unexpected rain showers. Additionally, gloves with touchscreen-compatible fingertips will enable you to use your smartphone or GPS without removing them, maintaining your focus on the road.

Knox Max Dual Active base layer
Layered clothing for comfort Fall weather can be unpredictable, with temperature fluctuations throughout the day. Layering your clothing is a practical solution to stay comfortable during your ride. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer like Knox’s Max Dual Active base layer to manage sweat and keep you dry. Over this, wear insulating layers to trap warmth, such as a thermal shirt or fleece jacket.

Your choice of mid-layer depends on the expected weather conditions. For colder days, opt for a heated vest or jacket liner, which can be powered by your motorcycle’s battery. These heated layers provide adjustable warmth, ensuring you remain cozy on the chilliest rides.

Shoei GT Air III motorcycle helmet
Fog-Resistant helmet Riding in the fall often means dealing with early morning mist or fog, which can obscure your vision and compromise safety. To combat this, equip your helmet with a fog-resistant visor.

An additional option is a helmet with a built-in sun visor, like the new Shoei GT-Air III. These integrated visors can be lowered to block glare from the rising or setting sun, improving visibility during critical times of the day.

Icon Stormhawk waterproof motorcycle boot
Waterproof footwear with traction As fall brings rain and leaves to the roads, traction becomes a significant concern for motorcyclists. Proper footwear is essential for maintaining control and stability. Look for motorcycle boots with non-slip, oil-resistant soles that provide excellent grip on wet surfaces such as Icon’s Stormhawk Waterproof boots.

Waterproof or water-resistant boots are a wise choice for fall riding, as they keep your feet dry in rainy conditions. Additionally, boots that extend above the ankle offer added protection to this vulnerable area.

Icon Stormhawk waterproof motorcycle boot
Consider investing in boots with reinforced toe and heel areas, as these provide extra protection in case of accidents or falls. Protected feet can make a significant difference in your overall safety and no one likes cold feet.

Conclusion Riding a motorcycle in the fall can be an exhilarating experience, offering unique challenges and rewards. It’s crucial to prioritize safety and comfort by investing in the gear that will keep you warm, dry, visible, and in control. So gear up, hit the road, and savor the beauty of autumn on your motorcycle.

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