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Falcon Motorcycles
A picture tells a thousand words: here are the first studio shots of the motorcycle that won Best Custom at the Quail Gathering last Saturday. Here, the Falcon Kestrel is photographed in ‘Racing Trim’—with no headlight, tail light or license plate. It’ll be raced in the desert at El Mirage at the end of May, so you’ll probably never see it looking so squeaky clean again. Enjoy.

Falcon Motorcycles
Falcon Motorcycles
Falcon Motorcycles
Falcon Motorcycles
Falcon Motorcycles

  • *Big Exhale*

    That’s all I got. But, I think it sums it up.

  • David Enfield

    Turling , second that .

  • I was lucky enough to see this stunning creation at the Quail, and it is absolutely breathtaking in the flesh. If you’d like to see my full report on the event and all the beautiful bikes there, including the Falcons, you can see it here –

  • Anton

    Wow. The detail!

  • To hate on a Falcon seems blasphemous, but the springer forks are too spindly paired with that thick frame – for my taste. The details are amazing though and worth 10 minutes scrolling up and down.

  • William

    Nah Brendan,

    They got it right … Look again… The outer braces balance the width of the tank and the single spring and the spindly-ness of the fork complement the “whitespace” of the frame and the engine and the rake of the fork…blah blah blah

  • Pamberjack


  • Peter B

    These boys have really raised the proverbial bar – what a stunner…can’t wait to see the Vincent engined bike…..ooh er….

  • Fred

    The only problem I can see is that it is not parked in my garage.

  • Big Dave

    Unless I’m mistaken (it has happened!) …
    That’s a BSA gearbox and bottom end with a Triumph (9 stud?) top end on it…

  • Fred X1

    Big Dave: It’s a BSA transmission, being driven by a Triumph unit front half with the damaged gear box cut off, and Falcon made cylinders joining the crank case to the original Triumph heads. More here:

  • T

    Truly a spectacular piece of craftsmanship. Out of Ian and Amaryllis’ relentless pursuit of style, quality and perfection has come one of the most iconic motorcycles of our time. It is a pleasure to work with a small group of highly talented craftsmen dedicated to excellence…Thanks.

  • The studio shots do not do it justice,it’s stunning in person.
    Even among hundreds of other stunning motorcycles…

  • Big Dave

    Fred X1 : Ah! Now I can see it.
    Unit engine with timing cover modified for home brewed drive for K2F magneto and dynamo?

  • Fred X1

    Looks like a magneto behind there but I don’t see a dynamo. Not a unit engine really now it’s connected to a BSA tranny. There’s one photo on that link that shows the engine. I’d like to see what it looks like now,

  • Hmmmmm

    Nice copy of a bike the Salinas Boys did about 8 years ago… They used a HD motor, but otherwise the same frame, forks, fender, wheels…

    But they didn’t use the soon to work harden and fail copper lines.

    Nice re-work!

  • Hmmmm.
    Any or all similarities aside, they state that they built their forks in-house,as well as most of the frame. Got any links to pics of the Salinas Boys biké?

  • BryanRay

    i have a drawer of copper lines from 1950s carbs and wot not that i would throw on any one of my bikes. they do crack sometimes but its not a big deal and the look bitchin.

  • hawwwwwww

    t’ain’t a springer, it’s a girder… and it looks awesome.

    Same bike as an an HD done previously except that it’s not an HD at all and has an entirely handcrafted motor and yeah, ummm, nevermind.

  • The attention to detail is phenomenal. Its like a jewel case. That being said, the overall look of the bike I feel is lacking. The seat looks really cheap and weird. Great craftsmanship though.

  • Fred X1

    @Hmmmmmmm I’d like to see the Salinas link too never seen a HD or SB bike that looks like an early teens british racer.

  • OK, I got to call this out –

    Not even on the same planet.

    Some people just have to hate on things they could never, ever even dream of creating.

  • Fwiw, the seat looks like it was inspired by a bicycle racing seat from maybe
    30-40 years ago. They worked ok with drop bars–but your sitting parts DID
    hurt by the end of the day “back in the day” ;-)

  • STUNNING! Wonderful example of Ian’s passion, talent and pursuit of excellence along with Amaryllis first class vision of delivering nothing less than Excellent!
    El Mirage baby! See ya there!

  • Terry Morairty/Alloy Graphics

    Beautiful job Ian. I won’t give up the secret on the timing cover. We’ll let em keep guessing.

  • Bluey

    Awesome work, The BTH mag, the remote float bowl Amals & girder forks gives me that early 40’s feel. Is it a 650 or 750cc specs? Anyway, very Tiger 100, very nice.

  • johnnyjohn

    Hey, so what happened at El Mirage? Haven’t been able to find any info. I’m guessing either a no-show or something went terribly wrong.

  • johnnyjohn

    I regret the negative connotation of that post. I hope and expect the (beautiful, amazing) kestrel performed admirably, I simply haven’t found any news on the subject.

  • Sexhaust pipes.