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Simone Conti’s Ducati SuperSport 1000 DS café fighter

In The Raw: Simone Conti’s Ducati cafe fighter


Most cultures have their own versions of Parkinson’s Law: “Work expands to fill the time available.” It’s especially applicable when building a bike, because without a brief, things tend to veer off course—or take years to complete. Simone Conti knows this well. He became well acquainted with the Law while customizing this Ducati SuperSport, but…

Extreme Machine: J. Webster unscrambles the Triumph Scrambler

Extreme Machine: Unscrambling the Triumph Scrambler

Scramblers are still very much on trend—and the Triumph Scrambler is one of the coolest examples of the breed. But when Justin Webster got his hands on one, he saw potential for something much wilder. He’s effectively unscrambled this Scrambler 900, transforming it into a tire-shredding, street tracker-styled liter bike—with a touch of cafe racer…