The ICON Airmada Scrawl helmet
Workshop Guide: Painting A Motorcycle

Workshop Guide: Painting A Motorcycle, Part II

Ready to tackle your first motorcycle paint project? In Part One of this guide, we outlined the first three steps: theory, planning and the all-important prepping procedures, ending with a final coat of smooth spray putty. This week, we’re laying down the paint itself, using aerosol cans. So grab those tins and let’s get cracking.

BMW R100 vintage scrambler by Dust Custom Motorcycles

Done and Dusted: Nailing the vintage scrambler vibe

These days, any mention of a ‘scrambler’ usually sparks a fervent debate about what exactly the name means. But here’s something we can all agree on: vintage-style scramblers are seriously cool. We’re talking about those machines that actually went off-piste; duking it out at the legendary International Six Days Trial, or blazing a trail across…