Radical Ducati 9½

Radical Ducati
Madrid-based Radical Ducati is on a roll at the moment, raiding Ducati parts bins from the past twenty years to produce a steady supply of jaw-dropping customs. This latest bike is inspired by racing Ducatis from the 1970s and the ‘monocilindrica’ 450cc. The starting point of 9½ was the frame from a 1997 Monster M900, chopped at the back to accommodate a racing-style tail unit. A single-sided swingarm is hooked up to the rear wheel from a 916, while the tank is from a 999.

The liquid-cooled engine is from an ST2 Sports Turismo; it breathes through German Wolfman manifolds, with exquisite Laser megaphones attached to the other end. The solo seat is from RD’s RAD02 Cafe Racer—featured on Bike EXIF a year ago—and despite the ragbag of parts, the whole thing hangs together remarkably well.

It’s as ‘naked’ as they come, but with a delicious hint of vintage racebike. Fancy one in your garage?

Images by Javier Fuentes.

Radical Ducati 9½ Specification
Modified Monster 900 frame
M900 97 fork
M900 carburetors
Single side swingarm kit
M900 front wheel
916 rear wheel
Brembo disc brakes
Brembo PR19 brake pump.
Frentubo blue Kevlar brake lines
ST2 engine (tuned)
K&N air filters
916 racing electrical wiring
Aviacompositi rev counter
ST2 original ECU
Wolfman two independents exhaust tubes
Laser megaphones
SP footpegs
Malagutti 500 water radiator
MT03 aluminum modified front mudguard.
999 fuel tank with Ergal quick-open gas tap.
RAD 02 Cafe Racer solo seat.
Tomaselli aluminum clipons

Radical Ducati
Radical Ducati
Radical Ducati
Radical Ducati

  • teo

    I love the idea of photographing the bike under the rain! Makes me think about one of those playmates under the shower…. ;-)

    No, seriously, it’s a cool idea.

  • kik

    the only thing out of my mouth was ooohhhhh !!!!

  • Alister

    oh great, now theres a puddle of drool all over my desktop

  • KIK


  • Sam

    I can’t lie… I bought the Wi-Fi on the damn airplane to check in on Bike Exif. And I don’t regret it at all. What an obnoxiously incredible machine. I’ve always loved that Ducati frame with all the crazy welds and cross bars, but this bike is extreme. It might be the only bike in the world that could scare a Hummer off the road. Nice post.

  • SkipW

    Woah! what a peach. I love this thing. I mean the new Ducati Streetfighter is cool, but this cranks coolness up to 11. Aside from the slicks and the lack of lights, I always wonder why can’t bike manufacturers never create beasts like this for the road.

  • Michael Pandzik

    Never has ‘form follows function’ been so clever a description of a bike. Beautiful job — not for me, but beautiful nonetheless!

    Skipper Mike
    Shawnee, Kansas USA

  • michel77

    I love the RAD stuff, but I have to say that on a bike like this the welds on the exhaust stand out like a sore thumb – in a bad way. Shame on an otherwise outstanding effort!

  • Mattjr

    Agree with michel77, I can weld stainless better than that with one eye closed on a windy day in my back yard!

  • Shawn F.

    I imagine this bike would be a handful in the wet…

  • Insane! that is the bike of my dreams.

  • mack-o-matik

    BOAH…I’d really need a good grippy suite to ride that one… maybe magnetic? Love the last picture, brilliant sharpness on the rear of the frame.

    @teo: FA shower gel!

  • PB

    brilliant! maybe one of the best seen here…

  • BB

    Air cooled, bad welds.

  • Chad Goiings

    Pepo is a great guy and has an amazing company. I love his bikes and visited him when I was in Espana.

    All I ever notices was a beautiful handcrafted moto that wins races and looks better than any bike on the circuit while doing it.

  • wow , where can one get the number sign up front?

  • That is absolutely beautiful!